Thomas York Joins The Surfing Doctors

We get to chat with our latest Surfing Doctors recruit Thom York.


What is your nationality?

Australian, grew up on the East Coast of Australia – Central Coast, NSW.


What is your level of education, and where are you studying?

I’m a Final Year medical student at the University of Newcastle.


What is your current position?

I’m a Final Year Medical Student at John Hunter Hospital.


Where is your local break?

I’ve surfed mostly at Saltwater Point, a long right-handed point break near Taree on the East Coast of Australia.


Where did you start surfing?

I started surfing late in life when I spent a year at Manning Base Hospital. I surfed North Wallabi and Saltwater Point near Taree East Coast Australia. My housemates lead the way, and I’ve surfed ever since.

Surf travel experiences? Where have you been and what waves have you surfed?

I’ve surfed in Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka and Noosa Lembongan, Indonesia. East and West Coasts of Australia.


Non-surf travel experience?

I’ve traveled to the US, Canada, UK, France, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, India, Sri Lanka, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Fiji, New Zealand, and a healthy dose of Australia.


Favourite waves?

The main break Prevelly, WA and North Wallabi, NSW are my favourite spots.


Favourite surfer and why?

Ryan Callinan, because he’s a lovely guy and a fantastic goofy-footer.


Best board – make and dims?

6′ 1″ x 19 1/2 x 2 3/8 custom Rod Rose – I, unfortunately, folded it on a trip in WA.


Heaviest experience while surfing?

Surfing Big Rock with Dr Phil Chapman.


Heaviest experience while traveling?

I was travelling in Kashmir with my brother. There was a lot of tension while we were there after a spree of bombings. One night we were forced to walk home as the town was deserted and all phone reception had been blocked. On the way home we were whistled at by a rifleman tower as a warning and to let us know we’d been spotted. It was a fast jog home after that.

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