Hard Charger and Paramedic Simon Tien Joins Surfing Doctors

Welcome to goofy-footer Simon Tien from Western Australia.

Travel Experience:
UK / South Africa / France / Spain / Portugal / Tahiti / Fiji / Indo / Australia.

Education and work experience:
I’m currently a 3rd-year paramedic student at ECU Western Australia. I’ve been working in the mining industry in emergency services and combining that with my studies. I have plans for completing an aero retrieval post-grad after the completion of my degree. Also working casually for Water Patrol Australia doing water safety for surf contests in West Oz.

Anecdotal Stories:
Always a story to be told searching round the wild waters of WA. Sometimes it’s not even the story from the surf. It’s the missions to get there and the events that unfolded. Haha. Be excellent to post stories of adventures in the coming future.

Anything else to add?
Surfing has given me a wonderful life of meeting great people, life long friendships and excellent knowledge and care for our oceans. I am an absolute ocean addict and have a great love for every experience had in the sea. Something I will do myself and with my family forever.

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