Dr. Giovanni Palattella’s story

this guys from germany called Mario that learn surfing two years before but really good to be such short time; he paddle out at money threes the last day of the 6 foot swell staying on the side just to look at the waves; but after a while with less crowd and higther tide he tried to get some waves, and he got some of the best waves of his life; i saw him in the water he was stocked! he could not stop and he stayied in the water too long and on the last waves coming in instead to go straight he tried to jump behind the lip that smashed him on the reef. the scare was not too bad and not deep, but two parts need some stiches (around 15) to give him the possibility to come back in the water in few days. The situation was fun because if was happy for the session (may be the best session of his life) and he was smiling all the time (very good pazient), and we were jocking about the tatoo on is back to remember that day!
please check the grammatical error and change the form too, i now know my english is bad!

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  1. Ciao! Sono uno specializzando di neurologia che da pochi giorni può dirsi un esordiente surfista! Dopo molte, ma occasionali lezioni su tavole di schiuma negli ultimi 10 anni (San Diego x 2, Biarritz 5 giorni 2009, St. Ives Cornovaglia 4 giorni) a inizio aprile ho comprato una Mini-Malibu alla decathlon di La Spezia; purtroppo vivo e lavoro a Milano, ma ho una casa a Cinquale! Dal sito vedo che la tua zona è la Versilia (dove peraltro non escludo di poter venire a vivere e lavorare, perché è davvero un bel posto!)
    Tu sei iscritto anche a Surfingdoctors Europe? So che dall’8 al 10 giugno a Sagres faranno la prima conferenza, che mi ispira da matti, ma purtroppo avrò gli esami di fine anno proprio in quel periodo!
    Ti auguro buone onde!
    Alessandro Leone

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