Jack Earp – 6th Year Medical Student – Joins Surfing Doctors

It’s a big and warm welcome to Jack Earp – NZ Medical Student.


New Zealand

Current position:

Trainee Intern, Wellington, NZ

Local Breaks:

Anywhere in Taranaki – Stent Road, Waiwakaiho, Fitzroy, Rocky Lefts, Greenmeadows, Hawkes Bay and Raglan.

Favourite surf destinations:

Samoa, Bali, Sumbawa.

Surf Travel Experience:

Bali twice, Lombok once, Samoa once, Africa once and all over NZ.

Non-surf Travel Experience:

Travelled for 1 year around including Zambia, Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe and SA. Skied in Canada for 3 weeks. Travelled to Thailand, Laos and PNG for 6 weeks. Spent a lot of time in the Pacific Islands and Australia.  Will be heading to Tanzania for the first part of my elective and am looking forward to more travel as soon as I can!


Medical degree at the University of Otago, NZ. First three years in the deep south in Dunedin, then my first two clinical years in Wellington. Now in my final year as a Trainee Intern at Hastings Hospital in the Hawkes Bay.

Who is your favourite surfer and why?

John John – because of his otherworldly carves – like the ones he hammered down at Margies a couple of years back. He also comes across super humble and pretty down to earth for the richest and arguably most talented surfer on the planet.

Heaviest experience while travelling?

In Africa fishing on the Zambezi river – was wrestling a friend of mine and we both ended up going overboard with crocs and hippos all around – took a few minutes to get back in the boat and longer to regather any composure! Later got hijacked at gunpoint in J-burg – lucky it was a rental car and not my prized mitszy van!

What is the best thing about the life you have chosen?

Getting the opportunity to work with incredible colleagues and help people in any way that I can. You meet a heap of amazing individuals in this profession and I am pumped to meet some more like-minded surfing docs over the course of my career!


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