A Warm Welcome To Angus Loraine

It’s a big welcome to Australian surfer and Doctor Angus Loraine, who recently joined the Surfing Doctors.



Current Position:

Intensive care PHO

Local Surf Spots:

South Stradbroke, Gold Coast

Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast

Casuarina, Northern NSW.

Favourite Surf Destination:

Anywhere north of Newcastle and South of Gold Coast. An amazing piece of coastline.


Surf Travel:

Vanimo, Papua New Guinea,  Simeulue, Aceh, Indonesia, Bali, Sri Lanka, Chile, Hawaii.

Next Surf Destination:

Maldives or Banyaks.

Go-to Surfboard:

Pyzel Shadow.

Favourite Surfer:

Julian Wilson.


They look unreal and am looking forward to trying out Urbnsurf in Melbourne. However, I don’t think they should be on the World Tour. The unpredictability of surfing in the ocean is what makes competitive surfing special. Nothing like seeing someone snag a bomb in the final minute of a heat to get the score. The same mindless 3-foot wave surfed to skatepark level consistency just doesn’t excite me. 


  1. Hello Agnus,

    Surfing Doctors

    We are in the process of starting seaplane service between Padang and the Mentawai Islands and are planning to offer medevac services. Especially in light of my personal meeting with a fellow named Gustavo who was in Padang for the cremation of his brother, a surfer who passed away in Telos from Malaria which could have been prevented had we been operating. We would like to get Surfing Doctors involved in any way we can and offer them special rates on our flights in return for kind of being “On Call” when they are surfing in the Mentawai’s. Any connect you can get to me or andre@samsamaseaplanes.com would be apprenticed.

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