Dr Anna Stessel Joins Surfing Doctors

We would like to welcome Dr Anna Stessel to The Surfing Doctors




Doctor of Dental Surgery, PhD fellow Central research institute of stomatology and maxillofacial surgery, Ministry of Health of Russian Federation.

Current Position:

Oral surgeon, dentist, implant and reconstructive surgery specialist.

Local Surf Spots:

In Moscow, there is no ocean, so there are plenty of artificial pools and river spots with boats for wake surfing. You can even obviously foil there. So much fun.
Last two years I spent travelling around Australia. Lennox Head is one of the favourites out of my “locals.” Nowadays it is the Bali Bukit Peninsula.

Favourite Surf Destination:

Indonesian and Hawaiian islands.

Surf Travel:

I’ve been to 41 countries for culture. For surf culture it was Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Maui, Hawaii, Oahu, Kauai, California; Mexica, Marocco, France, Ecuador, Peru, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Sri Lanka and Australia.

Next Surf Destination:

I’m really up for Japan, New Zealand, Tahiti, Fiji and South Africa.

Go-to Surfboard:

I’d say go-two is a twinny like Dead Kooks or SMTH. My all-rounder at the moment is a Tomo SD Sci-Fi 6.0.

Favourite Surfer:

Kelly Slater and Bethany Hamilton. Legends. And Andy Irons of course.

Wave pools:

I think that they’re awesome. And a perfect playground to work on techniques disregarding all that searching and chasing and waiting time.

Why is surfing so crucial in your life?

It is my life. Surfing Is a very philosophical sport.

What is the best thing about the world of surfing right now?

The abundance of information, support, tools, and resources. The anti-plastic movement of the surfing community. It is very important to give back to the planet that is providing everything for us.

What are your plans after COVID 19?

I will keep surfing, performing surgery, creating arts. I will try to share more information with people who are seeking it. It might grow into something that I can’t yet imagine and embrace. The new era is already here, and we are living in a time of significant change. The main priority is the ability to adapt and keep the balance, in any environment that is facing this vivid reality.

I would definitely love to keep travelling and improving my surf skills to enjoy it even more. I would like to contribute as much help and energy as I can on this journey.

Where is your favourite wave?

Chicama Peru and Velzyland in Oahu. And Uluwatu is spectacular.


Who is your favourite surfer, and why?

Bethany Hamilton, cause she never gave up. And Kelly Slater cause he does so much for the ocean.

Heaviest experience while surfing?

In Hawaii, Kaua’i, summer south swell. Trying to jump from the rocks first time in my life, going after the boys. Standing there at the edge, waiting for the biggest wave to drop on. It was slightly bigger than me, so washed me straight back on the sharp lava stone. I managed to turn around and put that dead board underneath my body, to protect myself, but turning 180 degrees on my one heel, I ripped all the skin and meat off that one.

Best travel experiences?

Being stranded in Costa Rica and instead of going home, figured out how to live “free” doing something for people around. I was cooking and educating people on how to eat healthy and raw, teaching yoga, and helping in kitesurf school. I was also doing art and having lots of fun. I kept travelling another 11 months after that point of desperation through 7 new counties, expanding the limits of my imagination.

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