August update from G-land….

Another mission to the Jungle. Straight from nightshift, to an overnight flight from London, I met up with theBOMBsurf Swindler in Kuta (his blog is here: who’s been scoring great waves in Indo for the last few weeks and is on the most awesome round the world surf trip… he got hooked up with the jungle trip via Greg Bertish at True Blue Travel ( and has proved to be a great travel sidekick so far.Then the overland trip over as I was frothing too hard to wait a day or two for the fast boat…all culminating in not being able to land the speedboat from Grajagan Bay because the tide was too low… we all jumped ship and traipsed over the reef at 20-20’s to land… sleep deprived speedwobble…

I’m on my way to work in West Oz, and thought I would pop in for a week to meet Dr Mike who’s been holding the fort for the last few weeks, drop off some much needed supplies and also suss a few arrangements for the conference. The upstairs area’s looking good to go.

First things first- the waves are pumping…. happy people.

In terms of the camp, there’s been a few upgrades, the food is much improved and so has the standard of accommodation here, most welcome. As usual jungle wildlife has been abundant… who says there are no chicks in the jungle- a bevvy of Russian ladies… who knew there was surf in Russia. We’ve also had cobra sightings in Willie the photographer’s room and the usual monkeyfest (monkey fishing, anyone?) and the wild boar have been causing a ruckus…

Injurywise, some cuts and scrapes but nothing major at all….long may that all last. More from me and Mike very soon…. Cheers all, Preeti

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