Sim Wilkes Joins The Surfing Doctors

A big welcome to Sim Wilkes, who joins the Surfing Doctors.

What is your nationality? 

 American citizen.

 What is your level of education?

I have two Associate Degrees, and I’m currently working on finishing my Undergraduate degree.

What is your current position?

I’m currently working as a Paramedic.

Where is your favourite wave?

My first wave ridden was at Crescent beach in Crescent City, CA, in 2001. That will stay as my favourite wave. 

Who is your favourite surfer, and why?

Gerry Lopez. Zen style master who floats through the barrel as he does with life – with pure Zen and mindfulness.

 Your heaviest experience while surfing?

Quasi hurricane/Nor’Easter swell at the Outer Banks.

 Best travel experiences? 

Mission trips I have done: Guatemala and Sierra Leone.


I am interested in joining the group for advocacy, volunteering, and the overall mission poised. In this ridiculous time of the pandemic I know frontlines work is the ultimate goal right now. As an optimist I feel the day of the more common routine is around the bend for future days.

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