Kirryn Williams Joins The Surfing Doctors

Australian Sleep Physician Kirryn Williams Joins The Fold.

Kirryn surfs, she kiteboards, and she liked to travels. 

What is your nationality? 


What is your level of education?

MBBS, FRACP – General and Acute Care Medicine Physician, Respiratory and (soon to be) Sleep Physician. 

What is your current position?

Sleep Fellow, Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital.

Where is your favourite wave?

Tricky one.. depends on the tide, the wind, my mood.. fav is probably my local, Fingal Head NSW. 

Or Double Island Point, Qld, or Granite Bay, Qld. And of course the wave I am yet to get barrelled on.

Who is your favourite surfer, and why?

Can’t choose one. Steph Gilmore, Carissa Moore. Pure power and style. 

Heaviest experience while surfing?

Surfing I’ve been lucky (or haven’t been going hard enough?), mostly just a few cuts to face requiring glue from awkward falls in small surf. But I got into surfing through kite-surfing. I spent 6 months travelling with my 23kg bag of kite-surfing gear in 2013 to some far-flung places. Made it to Guincho beach, Portugal, known for its wind-gusts and scary rips. I was humbled by both of those things on my first day there and pulled my kite safety for the first time due to screaming down a wave faster than the wind (felt amazing!) only to fall off and feel my legs get tangled in loops and loops of loose kite lines. Nothing like being tossed about in a kite harness in 4ft swell and dragged out by a rip to realise my smallness. Wild days of kiting.. but it gave me a passion for waves and learning about swells, weather fronts, and feeling the face of the wave underfoot at tremendous speed. Now I enjoy the calm, windless dawn approach to surfing with a short-board. Love every minute.

Best travel experiences? 

Experiencing the ocean in all its different moods, new people, new food, learning all the time… most memorable trips include Canary Islands, Madagascar, West Timor, East Java. 


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