Angus Jackson Joins The Team

A big, warm welcome to Angus Jackson, the latest member to the Surfing Doctors.



Current position:

Senior resident (PGY3) working ED in Broome, Western Australia. I completed my internship and residency in the Illawarra / Shoalhaven and took this year to locum and explore the country. Managed to score an ED position in the Kimberly just as all the border lockdowns came into place, and will likely be here most of the year.

Local surf spots:

Around Wollongong NSW – East Corrimal, Tawrodgi, Fairy Meadow, South beach  

Favourite Surf Destination:

South Coast NSW.

Surf Travel. Where have you been?

Arugam Bay Sri Lanka, Maldives, Fiji, Sumba Indonesia

Next surf destination?

As soon as the Kimberly borders open back up, plans are to drive down to Exmouth and start exploring what the West Coast has on offer.

Go-to Surfboard?

If it’s a clean day I’ll typically take out my 6’2” thruster. Otherwise on messier days or when I need a little more foam under my chest, I’ll ride my 5’10” custom shaped Chris Brock bean board.

Favourite Surfer?

Gotta say Mick Fanning. Phenomenal surfer, multi-time world champ, well-spoken and very humble. And anyone who can deliver an uppercut on a great white and live to tell the tale gets my respect.

Wavepools. What do you think of them and are you keen?

I think they look unreal.  I’d love to give one a try some time.

Why is surfing so important in your life

It’s the perfect way to stay fit and healthy, explore the world, and keep challenging yourself to improve.

What is the best thing about the world of surfing right now?

I think the calibre of surfing amongst the men and women at the pro level now is just awe-inspiring.

What are your plans after COVID-19?

More interstate and overseas travel. Keen to spend about 3 months at the end of the year working my way along the WA Coastline through South Australia and up to the East Coast, surfing and camping along the way.


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