Surfing Doctors Newsletter October 2020

Surfing Doctors Newsletter October 2020

Welcome to the latest newsletter from the Surfing Doctors.We hope you are all well, and that you and your loved ones have all come through this strange year fit and strong. As we aim towards the southern hemisphere summer, as the rumours of international travel swirl around and around, we would like to wish everyone all the best for the rest of this year and hope that the next year will be a strong and positive one.

Indo Dreaming
South Sumatra doing its thing

Travel to and from Indonesia has been shut down for a while now. There has been very little happening in the way of travel inside the country. Yet, we are still seeing images and videos of Kelly Slater and Strider scoring perfect waves all over the Bukit. Some people made it to G-Land, and there are a few random boat charters and surfers scattered in Ments land camps. How did they get there and what dark magic did they use to get through customs?


There is a long-stay visa that is still applicable, but it does have specific rules and regulations. 

You need to have a ‘sponsor’ letter from an Indonesian company as a prerequisite, as well as quite a lot of money. The letter must elaborate on a business project that you are involved in within Indonesia. It could be as simple as something like a surf camp.   

The visa is for two months, and the actual visa fee is paltry, at $80. Still, an agent is required to smooth the whole thing over, as is often the case in Indonesia, and it tips the cost up to north of $1,000. 

There is also the problem of returning back home, however. Many countries, including Australia, are going to hit people returning from Indo with the standard 14-day quarantine, and that comes with its own price tag, depending on circumstances. Sometimes close to AU$3,000. 

Is it worth it? Can you actually put a price on getting to score totally uncrowded Mentawais or G-Land? We’ll just leave it there.

Once Indo and travel open up again, we will reach out to our members about camps and the situation. At the moment there are no positions available, apart from possibly at Nias, if you can get there. Any doctor that manages to get away and get out to a surf destination that offers medical assistance is asked to get in touch with us so we can advise further.

Work Out West

The word from Dr Chapman and Dr Hateley is that there is plenty of work in West Australia. Any Surfing Doctor members looking for ER work at decent pay rates should reach out to either of the two. There are currently many visitors to the area. With the season’s changing, and with not many people able to access those Indo visas, there has been a lot of movement to the West. The place has been filling up and the towns are busy. Contact the doctors via the Surfing Doctors Facebook page.

another great reason to work out west.
Shark Bite First Aid Slam Pack

Surfing Doctors member Dr Jon Cohen has been making some solid first aids kits and shark attack kits that can be found on the website. 

The Calm As…First Aid Kits for Surfers have been around for a while now. They have been getting excellent reviews from some of the hardcore surf websites and from surfers who have used them while going off the beaten track. 

Dr Cohen recently introduced the Calm As… Shark Bite First Aid Slam Pack and it seems this has been quite good timing. Not sure if everyone has seen Matt Wilko’s close shave recently. Check it here.

Swellnet gave the Slam Pack a solid review

Surfing Doctors Discount

Dr Cohen is offering a $30 discount to any Surfing Doctors member who wants a Shark Attack Slam Pack. Just drop the code ‘surfdocslam ‘as your coupon to get the discount. 

Shop link:




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