How To Survive A Shark Attack with Dr Jon Cohen

When it comes to shark attacks and shark incidents, the news out there is grim right now. Highlighted by the fatal attack at Snapper in early September on a 46-year-old male surfer, there have been 51 shark attacks so far this year. Of these attacks, 17 were in Australia and 23 were from the USA. In Australia, 6 of them were fatal. In comparison, there were no fatalities last year, one in 2018 and one in 2017. 

There are so many different postulations as to why the attack numbers are up. These include rising water temperatures, and growing population due to the sharks placed, possibly incorrectly, on a protected list in Commonwealth waters.

Mick’s attack, back in 2015, changed the way pro surfing saw the shark threat.

The conservationists are fighting for the sharks to continue to be protected, while more surfers are dying. Amongst it all, Dr Jon Cohen wants to save lives.


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