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Born in Switzerland, and currently working in Australia, Dr Inauen made it to Indonesia, and was greeted by firing surf and a mishap or two. He joined The Surfing Doctors a while ago – check out his profile here https://surfingdoctors.com/3512/welcome-to-dr-cyril-inauen/

First things first, Dr Inauen had to deal with a fairly nasty looking fin chop. We got hold of him to see what was happening over in Indonesia right now.

Where did the fin chop take place?

It was on the leg and happened at Goodtimes, a wave in North Mentawai.

Who was the patient?

The patient was an Aussie surfer girl.

What did you need to do to fix it?

I used some Betadine to desinfect the skin.
Rapidocain as the local anaesthetic.
Drinking water diluted with Betadine to clean the wound.
4-0 Dermalon to stitch it.

Where have you been surfing? I see you have been scoring.

I got to the North Mentawai one week ago. So far we‘ve surfed Pitstops, Burgerworld, Mc Donalds, Goodtimes, Bengbengs, Bank Vaults, Piggy Banks, Nipussi and we scored pumping Ebay with only four guys out.

What has been your best session so far?

The Ebay one when the swell was peaking.

Is it as uncrowded as everyone is talking about?

It really is. Although, there are more and more people from the States coming as their travel restrictions are pretty loose.

How long are you in Indo for?

We are staying here for three weeks. If they cancel elective surgery in Switzerland again, I will stay for a few weeks more for sure.

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  1. Dr Cyril Inauen
    Surfing Doctors

    We are in the process of starting seaplane service between Padang and the Mentawai Islands and are planning to offer medevac services. Especially in light of my personal meeting with a fellow named Gustavo who was in Padang for the cremation of his brother, a surfer who passed away in Telos from Malaria which could have been prevented had we been operating. We would like to get Surfing Doctors involved in any way we can and offer them special rates on our flights in return for kind of being “On Call” when they are surfing in the Mentawai’s. Any connect you can get to me or andre@samsamaseaplanes.com would be apprenticed.

    Thanks Captain Ronald Cobley

    +66933096423 whatsapp



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