William Hannam joins the team

There haven’t been too many new recruits of late, without the lure of Grajagan on the cards, but that’s going to change soon, and we are proud to welcome hard-charging goofy-footer  Dr William Hannam to the Surfing Doctors team.




Current working position:

RMO in Mackay


Local surf break:

Used to be Parsons in SA

What sort of wave is it?

Left-hand point break.


Favourite sort of wave?

Left beach break with long walls.


Favourite surf destination?

South Coast NSW.


Places that you have travelled to for surf.

Philippines, Puerto Rico, Mexico.


Non-surf travel. Where have you been and what have you seen?

Europe, Fiji, Central America, Nepal.


Favourite surfboard – make and dims.

Mark Richards retro twin fin 1980, 5’9 20”, 2 5/8, 32L


Second fave board – make and dims.

Family Board Malibu 9’6


Heaviest experience while travelling?

Volunteering in Kathmandu at a NGO hospital 


Five-year plan with regards to surfing?

Papua New Guinea


General advice for anyone going on a surf trip?

Remember it’s the locals’ wave.



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