Surfing Doctors conference feedback Sept 2011

Greetings from the Jungle. 

This is a brief feedback following the 2nd successful Surfing Doctors Conference – which was help from 5 – 10 September.

A big thanks to all the delegates who attended – we hope you enjoyed it and found in enlightening.  A special thanks to all the doc’s who presented talks. 

Thanks also to the surf god – Huey – for sending us some epic swell which lasted the entire duration of the conference.   Photo’s will folllow shortly. 

Thanks also to the Jungle Camp staff – who are always smiling and always go out of their way to assist.

On the party front – on the whole, things were pretty sedate, except for 1 initiation night when things got a little out of control….  With Anthony Brown sustaining a non surf related injury… Ant – we hope your day in ED wasnt too stressful & you on the road to recovery as we speak..

With the conference now wrapped up for another year.  We now look forward to a number of exciting projects – the first being Medical backup for the Movie – Drift, featuring Sam Worthington.  Which has been filming in WA & coming to G-Land next week.

The other project involves assisting with a medical centre in the Solomon Islands – which we are really looking forward to being a part of.  More about this will follow later.

We will be reporting back when the next swell arrives.  Hopefully soon… 



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