Surfing Doctors Newsletter February 2021


February 2021

Surfing Doctors Newsletter February 2021


Hi all and welcome to our first newsletter of 2021. Mixed news, trying not to talk too much about Covid, but let’s have a quick peek and what’s happening with the Surfing Doctors for this year so far and what’s to come. 

Grajagan 2022?

Yep, the bad news is that G-Land will not be on the cards this year again. Mainly due to the pandemic and the travel restrictions, but we will not be able to organize a conference back in the jungle. 

It is open for business if you can get there. Surfers are getting to the camp and enjoying perfect, uncrowded G-land and in fact most of Indo. Still, there will be no official Surfing Doctors retreat this year, which is a pity. 

In a roundabout way, the good news is that G-Land has also slipped off the World Surf League’s calendar. So there is a good chance that the whole idea and possible crowding of the spot might not happen. We can get back to a relatively uncrowded venue in 2022. 

Until then, we do have a few other options for conferences that we will discuss, but they do not include heading to the jungle.  

Gnaraloo Conference

One of the ideas is a conference at the Gnaraloo Station out west, as an option for The Surfing Doctors group. 

Gnaraloo, as you all know, is pretty remote and there will be no problems having some sort of get-together and conference. All being well, we might score a couple of sick desert lefts.

Gnaraloo is less picturesque than G-Land, but it an excellent wave. If you enjoy thick spinning left-hand tubes over a barely exposed reef and heavy rock boils and huge close-out sections and the odd shark or two, that is. Some people called it the Mini-Chopes but less perfect. 

Only joking, it does get quite heavy sometimes, particularly at the aptly named Tombstones. It also gets really fun at the other spots like Centres, Midgies, Turtles and Fencies. We will have more information on this possible conference shortly. 

UrbnSurf Strike Mission

The other possibility is of a quick strike-mission weekend conference at the Urbnsurf wave pool in Melbourne. It seems to have everything required to run a decent mini-conference at short notice. We can book a couple of Beast Mode sessions at both the left and the right and get about 20 guys and girls in the water at the same time. We have initiated the discussion with Urbnsurf. The procedure seems straightforward should we decide to do this, but it will be at short notice. We will just wing it and see who can come. Surfing Doctors member Dr Mark Wilson had a great trip to Urbnsurf. We have a long-read interview with him that we will publish shortly, to give everyone an idea of what the wave pool holds. It seems it packs a bit of punch. More info to come on this proposed mini-conference.

Surfing Doctors T-Shirts and 2021 Subs Drive









Our new t-shirts are available, and you’ll need to be quick to grab one. Cool G-Land artwork by Stephen Bibb, the shirts were geared up for a G-land conference, but they’re pretty sick and are available right now to Surfing Doctors member. Reach out to Dr Chapman on to sort out payment and to secure your shirt. 

Talking of sorting out payments, while you’re paying for your tee-shirt it would be cool if you could also pay for your 2021 subs. Not much has happened in the last 12 months regarding placements and Indo missions, but that looks set to change fairly soon. We should be able to get a roster going again at some stage this year. To get this going and keep the communications, website and socials going, we are chasing subs for this year. So if you’re not paid up, please reach out to Dr Hateley on or Dr Dent on to get up to date with your subs. According to the subs spreadsheet, not many have paid so far, so it would be great if you could pay during February. If you subscribe as well as buy a shirt, it’s only $75 bucks. 


Surfer Locum Position Torquay 

GP Locum in Torquay on Victoria’s Surf Coast

Surfcoast Medical Centre

Dates: Monday 19th April – Friday 14th May 2021 (4 weeks)

Free eggs! Winki around the corner!

Surfcoast Medical Centre

Private Billing practice.

3 days a week, to cover, but you can do more if you want to.

Billings: 68% of billings, as 2% needs to go back to Surfing Doctors. 

Great team of 9 doctors with great practice nurses and tertiary hospitals nearby

No on-call.

Accommodation and surrounds.

Surfer’s nirvana

3 bedroom roomy house, garden and car to use while you stay. We have a friendly cat and chooks to look after and get daily fresh eggs.

House is in a fantastic central spot with award-winning Blackman’s Brewery and other restaurants a 2-minute walk away.

Surf: April-May is prime time for surf in Torquay. We are a 5-minute walk from thirteen waves, including two right-hand point breaks. Many others such as Winkipop (pictured), Bells and Point Impossible are all within a 10-minute drive.

If it works out well, you could make it a regular gig,

 Please contact Anne Stephenson

 or on 041 3599461 if interested. 



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