Surfing Doctors to enter the SurfAid Cup Surfing event and fundraiser.

Surfing Doctors To Enter The SurfAid Cup Surfing Event And Fundraiser. 


The Surfing Doctors will be participating in the SurfAid Cup Bondi on Friday 7th May 2021.

 The SurfAid Cup is a tag-team style event that sees teams fundraise in order to compete.

The Bondi shorey. Ready for some heavy ripping from team Surfing Doctors.


Teams are made up of 5 surfers: 4 of them are provided by the Surfing Doctors and 1 pro or local legend/ripper is provided by SurfAid. Some top surfers get involved, and the 2019 event had none other than Taj Burrow representing. 

The Surfing Doctors team has Dom Howell and Ethan Brooker good to go, and we are standing by to see who will be the next two team members and then who will be the pro/legend who joins their team. 

 The event is in its 4th year, and in 2019 raised over $100,000 for SurfAid’s Mother & Child programs in Indonesia. It helps to provide remote communities with clean water, sanitation and improved nutrition.

The SurfAid Cup Bondi attracts many local businesses and schools, including Aquabumps, Fishbowl, Beach Burrito, Goodman Group, Waverley College, Surfing Mums and The Bucket List, as well as corporate teams Macquarie, USANA, Citibank and BWM Dentsu. This year the Surfing Doctors will add some flair to the proceedings, as well as a few lip bashes and power carves from Dom and Ethan and the rest of the team. We’re counting on you boys.

The weekend vibe at Bondi Beach…


This was the 2019 event at SurfAid Cup at Bondi.

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