Hypocondriacs & Cosmo Madness

Howzit folks, from the south eastern tip of Java.

Awoke to a foggy morning, which is now clearing into a beautiful sunny day.  So far the swell has not shown itself, but there were some fun waves yesterday for all punters.

Yesterday we enjoyed fun waves in the 4 – 5 foot region, with the odd bigger one coming through.  Zac & the fat bastard were ruling the evening session, pre Raymonds sausage fest..

On the injury front, things have been fairly minor with reef cuts and abrasions being the order of the day.  There has also been a few cases of gastro and viral upper respiratory tract infections.. nothing too serious – lets hope it stay that way…

There is an eclectic cosmopolitan mix of guests in the camp at present – including Russians and Brazilians.. Needless to say, the fashions have been somewhat bizzare and minimalist… Ranging from Brazilian banana hammocks to Russian (I mean rush in) shorts….. Say no more… !!!

Swell is on the way and just a reminder that there is an opening on the roster from 2 October onwards – if you keen, please drop me an e-mail. 

Will report back again when the swell arrives..


Dr Phil

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