Genevieve Stather Joins The Surfing Doctors

A big welcome to Genevieve Stather, joining the Surfing Doctors just in time to head out west for their conference at Gnaraloo Station. Being a natural-footer, Gen is going to have to grab her rail.



Current position: 

RMO at Royal Hobart Hospital

Local Breaks: 

South Arm beachies

Favourite wave in the world: 


Favourite board:

Don’t have one yet – anything with lots of volume that’s manoeuvrable I’d be happy with.

Destinations travelled/ surfed:

Surf: Uruguay, Fiji, Peru

Travel: New Zealand, Vanuatu, Maldives, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia

If you’re not surfing, you’re:

Bushwalking and feeding my mango lassi addiction 

Heaviest surf travel experience:

Haven’t had one yet but some time in WA might change this

Education and work experience: 

Graduated from UTas and interned at RHH

Favourite Surfer?

Caroline Marks – such a good looking backhand plus so much power and potential with her surfing 

Your feelings on wave pools:

Wouldn’t think it would be for me but you don’t know until you try it

Next surf destination? 

Indo has been on the list for years but I’d also love to return to Fiji for longer.

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