Surfing Doctors Conference Gnaraloo

Surfing Doctors Report – Surfing Doctors Conference, Gnaraloo

The 12th annual Surfing Doctors Conference took place at Gnaraloo Homestead in the Gascoyne Region on the Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia in late May 2021.
It was the first time the conference had moved from its spiritual home at G-Land in Indonesia.

Due to border closures and potential quarantine requirements, the conference was attended by 11 doctors of varying specialties, some enthusiastic Tasmanian junior doctors, a single medical student, and a trusty ED RN.

We were lucky to have boardshort temperature water and small to medium-sized swells.
In between conference talks, the crew was lucky to surf the quality waves of Red Bluff, Tombstones, and Turtles.

On the conference side of things, we had multiple desert-themed talks and some progressive updates.

Snake bites and stingers, dermatology (including a case of wetsuit contact dermatitis), aboriginal health, polysubstance abuse, remote retrieval scenarios, POCUS updates, including an interesting talk by Dr. Stirling about TOE guided CPR were some of the highlights.

The practical shark bite scenario was topical. There had been a recent nip up the road at Warroora Station of a spearfisherman.

Undoubtedly, the highlights were the less formal networking and discussions around the BBQ and campfire!

The Dr Scott Stirling “Tooooobed” award: Dr Stevie De Luca, who opened his barrel account and then tripled it in one day!

The Dr Dennis Millard “Savage Hacks” award: of course this went to Dr Dennis Millard for 15 of the most savage hacks on one wave at Tombstones! We must all work on our hacks to beat him next time!

Our next event will likely be a wave pool weekend later in the year (September or October) with a stop the bleed course run by Dr Jon Cohen with the possibility of an ALS2 update. Keep your eyes on the emails for the announcement.

The conference next year will likely be Australian based so hold tight for more information.

We still have a few t-shirts left. So remember, if you haven’t paid your subs, we still have the special of $75AUD for subs and a long-sleeve Surfing Doctors shirt (~$25 more to post overseas) or just $50 for the subs.

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