Hoax swell for the Spanish Armarda

Howzit guys

Well, as predicted the swell arrived on cue, but unfortunately we didnt have the classic triad of perfect swell, tide & wind.  We awoke to a glassy, foggy morning – that according to Dr Larry felt more like a morning in San Francisco than anywhere else.. Waves were in the 6 – 8 foot region and were only surfable in the afternoon.  A core group from the Jungle Camp including camp guide – Matt (Fat bastard), Neil from SA, Evan from San Diego, Polly from Tassie and myself, paddled off the keyhole expecting some heavy hits which did not eventuate and a fun evening surf was had by all except the dreaded Spanish Armarda who appeared in the lineup – fresh off the boat.. !!! There was plenty of chest beating and even gutteral roars as they attempted to take off.  One Spaniard seemed to have perfected his cartwheel down the face of the wave, providing endless entertainment for the crew. 

On the injury front – one of the Jungle Camp crew managed to rip half his heel off – down at 20 / 20’s.  The unfortunate soul had to then do the 40min walk back to the camp barefoot… Not happy..!! Other than that it has mainly been sea urchins and scratches. 

The entire camp was greatful to see the backs of the Russian crew – who went completely ballistic on their final nights stay – empty bottles of tequilla were found lying around the camp the following day – not much sleep was had by all that night with strange moo-ing noises coming from the central bungalow – needless to say their trip to Bali would have been extremely painful…. Nastarovya.. !!!

In closing – we sit in the torpid heat of the jungle praying for the trade winds to arrive.  Maybe by the time Captain Scardy and his movie crew arrive the weather will have sorted itself out..

Cheers for now..

Dr Phil

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