Nuno Abreu Joins The Surfing Doctors

Nuno Abreu Joins The Surfing Doctors

We now have a Portuguese General Surgeon in our ranks.


Current working position:
General Surgeon in the Lisbon area.

Local surf break:
I grew up riding waves in Carcavelos and many other breaks surrounding Lisbon. My first wave was near a town called Odemira, in the south of Portugal.

What sort of wave is it:
Carcavelos is topically an A-frame barreling beachbreak, similar to Supertubos. Around Lisbon, we have all sorts of waves, from slabs to points. You choose according to wind and swell conditions. So you get waves the whole year. You can go to both coasts (west and south) in a short period, with plenty of choices. Nazare is 1,5h away from Lisbon, so occasionally I go there. In Odemira, we mainly have punchy wedgy beach breaks that are very consistent all year round.

Favourite sort of wave:
Left hand barreling wedges like Supertubos are my favourite, although any type of barreling left is my choice. But I’m not picky, so I can go to a right-hand point or barrel and have fun just as well.

Favourite surf destination:
My favourite is any warm-water reef break, preferably a left-hander.

Places that you have travelled to for surf:
All over Portugal, North Spain, France, Canary Islands, Azores, Madeira, Cape Verde, Mexico, Indonesia.

Non-surf travel. Where have you been, and what have you seen:
London, Paris, Vienna, Madrid, Berlin and some of Germany. I’ve gone snowboarding to Andorra twice ( 2018 and 2019). London is fantastic, eccentric and beautiful. Paris is monumental. All these places have so much history that it’s hard to put everything into words.

Heaviest experience while travelling:
Mexico was definitely a heavy place to go to. I had fantastic experiences, but some scary ones. I was robbed in a taxi in Monterey by the driver. I was lucky not to be shot or beaten.

I ride bodyboards, and for us, the choice relates to the type of core. We use dense PP for warm-water, low-density PP for cold water. Various stringer options and use of mesh are available. Size is according to the type of wave. Usually, 41inch can go to 41,5 or 42 if waves are bigger or for drop knee.

What is your five-year plan with regards to surfing:
I’d love to go to G-Land, Mentawais, Tavarua, and Tahiti is definitely on my list. But, usually, I plan to be on the major swells around Lisbon. It’s a small goal, but with such difficult times, you have to keep it simple.

General advice for anyone going on a surf trip:
Get fit before you go, keep a low profile, be friendly. A smile can take you anywhere.



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