Surfing Doctors and the COVID Vaccines

The Surfing Doctors are all getting their COVID vaccines

We the Surfing Doctors would like to encourage all of our friends from around the world, extended families and any surfers and others we have met and befriended along the way to have their COVID Vaccines. It’s time to get vaccinated.

This is Emergency Specialist and Surfing Doctors member Dr Jon Cohen getting his second COVID Vaccine in NSW. Dr Cohen is the founder of the Calm As… Surfers First Aid Kits and Shark Attack Slam Packs.


This was Dr Cohen getting his first COVID vaccine a few weeks ago.

There is no better time to get your vaccine if you are eligible.

If you’re looking at going on a surf trip to Indonesia, or want to get to G-land – where the Surfing Doctors hold their annual conference when possible, you’re going to most likely have to be vaccinated to avoid quarantine time, which is valuable surf time.

If you are planning a surf trip, please do your homework thoroughly to see the current Covid rules and protocols in place in the country of your destination. Also bear in mind that these regulations and protocols change place often, to adapt to the changes in the virus and the rate of infections. 

Stay safe out there.

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