Speedies Temptations

Howzit guys ,

Finally got a sniff at the legendary Speed Reef yesterday . We had a South Swell and a 1.3m high tide …this is usually not enough water , and we would have liked another foot of water on the reef , but there were still a few fun waves cracking through the inside skate park-like reef section .

Waves were in the 4-6ft region , with the odd bigger one , and there was a bit of a froth on over the Launching Pad .

We were once again provided with endless entertainment , as it seems the circus has come to town . There were numerous roll-overs and go-behinds ….amazing there wasn’t more carnage . There were a few reef bastings , but nothing severe , and the ultra-sharp Speed Reef never really got the claws out .

Overnight we had some festivities with Raymond from G-spot providing some early Lateral thinking , and then Dibble and Lee ( from WA ) kicked on later with an interesting shaman-like ritual involving punk rock , beer , and some extremely bad dancing !!

We now sit waiting for the trade again today …swell has dropped to 4ft , but apparently will boost again later . Winds have been a bit variable in the morning with plenty of fog in the bay …More time to chill and absorb the Jungle atmosphere …

Cheers for now ,

Dr Phil and Captain X

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