Red Bull Foam Wreckers and Surfing Doctors


Sunday 19th Dec saw Red Bull and Surfing WA hold the ultimate feel-good surf event at Margaret River. 

Dubbed the Red Bull Foam Wreckers, it was hailed as the ultimate anti-surf contest surf contest. 

There was one very simple requirement: you must ride a soft-top (foamie) surfboard. 

Competitors’ choice of blade was decided by spinning the “Wheel of Shred” and judging criteria had the traditions of speed, power and critical manoeuvres dumped for style, flow and ingenuity. 

Dr Kamal Ali of Surfing Doctors was part of the support crew for the event day and whilst there were some horrendous beatings at the hands of a tricky and sizey Margaret Rivermouth beach break, no victims required ding repairs or carting off to hospital. 

A great day was had by all and the ultimate winner Taj Burrow, showed local legends, guy and gal, young and old that he remained the righteous King of the southwest. 

Special thanks to Justin Majeks of Surfing WA, an original Margs local who bidded hard for Red Bull to hold the event down south. And judging by the success of the day, we’ll likely see it return bigger and better next year. 

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