Unfinished Monkey Business

Hi guys ,

Thought I’d run a quick update , as we yet again wait for the fog to get blown away by the trade wind .This has been the pattern for the last three days . Yesterday evening we had fun 6-8ft MoneyTrees . Glassy , long walls running for 50 to 100m , with the odd tube on the go .

There was some froth on the fact that the tides would be good for Speedies this am , but unfortunately the swell dropped and the wind was funky .We greeted the ” Drift ” movie crew , who pulled in with their guide , David Scard .

In the interim with all this downtime waiting for the wind , there has been some real Jungle action in the form of a Monkey revolt and the odd Monkey riot . There have been break in’s and stand off’s ….with our Monkey Bandits , Evan and Neil getting in on the show with some very clever cover defence with Jungle sling shots !!

The Colonel Kurtz of the Monkey troops seems to be unfazed , and has been on the attack ever since . Today we will see what develops . Other wildlife spotted include :  Wild pigs , massive monitor lizzards , electric blue Kingfishers , egrets , squirrels and the ever stinky skunks .

Looks like the trade has made an appearance , and with clean 4-5ft swells running down the point , it’s time to down tools and sling shots , and head for the surf !!

Until next time ,

Adios , Dr Phil and Captain X

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