William Newman Joins Surfing Doctors

A warm welcome to William, a goofy-footer and 5th-year medical student.


This is how Billy introduced himself. ”

I grew up on the mid-north coast of NSW and have surfed all my life, with multiple overseas surfing trips with my family. Further, in studying at JCU in North Queensland I have developed a keen interest in tropical and remote medicine, with good clinical skills thanks to many hours of rural placements. I have a keen willingness to learn and believe a placement with the surfing doctors would greatly benefit both my medical knowledge and frontside tube riding.”

It seems he fits the Surfing Docprofile.



Current working position:
5th Year medical student (graduating 2023) at James Cook University – Cairns.

Home break:
One Mile Beach, Forster NSW.

What sort of wave is it?

Fave wave in the world:
The racetrack at Uluwatu / South Oney point.

Fave surf destination/country:
Bali. I would love to see more of Indonesia.

Places that you have been to?

Current go-to board make and dims:
Byrne Fusion 5’10 x 18 3/4 x 2 5/16

Current backup board make and dims:
CI Rocket wide 5’8 x 19 1/2 x 2 1/2

Big barrels or big turns:
Left-hand keg

Fave surfer in the world:
Steph Gilmore – best style in surfing, hands down, but it would be better if she was goofy, so I’ll have to say, Craig Anderson.

Heaviest surfing experience:
Snapping my favourite board and having to paddle in on a double overhead day at home – the heaviest part was crying about the board afterwards.

General advice for anyone going on a surf trip:
Try and learn some of the local languages, enjoy the food and surf for at least 6 hours a day!

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