Surfing Doctors Newsletter – April 2022

It’s time for another one of those periodic newsletters that we send out from time to time. There is quite a lot on the go, but firstly, a big welcome to our new members. We should soon be heading out there for some good missions, so let’s get you on some rosters when we can. Also, a big thank you to all members who have renewed their subs. If you haven’t yet renewed your subs please make contact with us.


World Surf League

This year, the Surfing Doctors will continue their working relationship with The World Surf League. This kicks off with the Margaret River Pro, which will occur directly after the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach. The actual waiting period for this event is April 24 – May 4, and Dr Kamal Ali will be in attendance. 

With the introduction of The Box as an alternate contest site, this event is always high drama and is usually met with pumping surf. The Margaret River event is a critical More information on the event can be found on the World Surf League website.

The World Surf League is also returning to G-land this year, and Surfing Doctors will be representing at this event. Details to be confirmed closer to the time.  

The Box  – Photo by Kelly Cestari/WSL


Gnaraloo Conference

The dates for the Gnaraloo Conference are 15-21/5/22. This popular gathering will be based at the Gnaraloo homestead.

If anyone is keen to attend, surf some lefts and get into the desert groove, then please get in contact with Dr Hateley –

Gnaraloo © Rob Kidnie


Wave Pools

As the world slowly opens up and travel becomes less of a mission, we will hopefully all be out there surfing and travelling. Still, in the meantime, we have also set up another conference at a WavePool later in the year. This will be a weekend get-together, but those pools are great for fitness and wave counts. We will most likely have this weekend conference around the back half of the year, around October/November. 

Wavepool going left.



G-Land doesn’t look like it will have a free stay this year at this stage of the game. Still, Macaroni’s roster looks like it will be opening up. Nothing wrong with a bit of early-season Maccas, for those who are frothing. Things are starting to get exciting again, and we’re looking forward to when we can begin to fill rosters again.  

Don’t mess with the Doc, coz he will fade you…. Dr Chapman quickly dealing with someone being naughty in the G-land lineup. 



Among all this talk of travel, let’s not forget that it is the Southern Hemisphere Autumn – so it’s time to stay home and surf. Plenty of swell around, and plenty more coming. Never go away in May!

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