We have a new goofy-footer in the ranks.

Our Latest Member: Tom Forney

We have a new goofy-footer in the ranks.

Nationality: USA

Current Work Position:
Hawaii Emergency Physicians Associated (ER group covering 12 hospitals across 4 islands in Hawaii). I live on the north shore of Oahu and particularly enjoy working in our under-resourced rural hospitals. I also do a fair amount of administrative work as Chief Medical Officer and Director of Quality and Care Standardization across our group’s sites.

For out-of-hospital medicine, I am the co-medical director for the Honolulu Marathon. In addition, I have previously provided medical support to Tavarua and multiple wilderness endurance races. Our group also provides medical support to field teams working on remote islands and atolls across the Pacific Ocean, including Palmyra, Northwest Hawaiian Islands and others. The challenge of delivering high-quality emergency care in remote, resource-limited areas is exciting, especially when combined with good waves!

We have a new goofy-footer in the ranks.

Home break:
Local spot on North Shore. Couldn’t go back if I shared.

What sort of wave is it?
Windy and shark-infested.

Fave surf destination / country:
Indo/Costa Rica.

Places that you have visited:
Indo, Fiji, French Polynesia, Japan, Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Peru, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

Current go-to board make and dims:
Standard high-performance shortboard, mostly Arakawa’s.

Big barrels or big turns:
Small barrels to big turns. Big barrels starting to hurt too much!

Heaviest surfing experience:
I was surfing a North Shore outer reef spot by myself in a solid building swell. Got caught by a cleanup set that broke my leash. I was about 1 mile away from shore with no floatation and stuck in the impact zone. Panic started to set in as I took bigger waves on the head with long hold-downs. Eventually calmed myself down, and thankfully a tow team showed up and assisted.

General advice for anyone going on a surf trip:
– Travel with Aloha, practice humility and remember you’re visiting someone else’s home break.
– Don’t forget your medical and ding repair kit.


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