Drifting Sideways

Howzit guys

We have had over a week of pumping waves and decent trade winds and on top of all of this Speed Reef kicked into gear on a few occasions.  Much to the joy of the “Drift”Movie crew who managed to get footage of Ross Clarke-Jones, Shaun Green and Ben Mortley  getting slotted down the end of the reef.   In saying that, most of the green rooms were occupied by the usual suspects… Namely:  Fats Domino, Scardy, DT, Nathan Rose & yours truly..

Along with the arrival of the “Drift” crew we had the departure of the Spanish Armarda, Argentinian contingent who suspected an epic swell was on the way when RCJ was spotted and at the end of the day I suppose it was semi epic…

We have said farewell to a number of good mates over the last few weeks, including Evan, Neil, Carlos & David, who headed off to Bali in a state of froth, changing their hunting tactics from chasing monkeys to chasing squirrels…

Changing of hairstyles has been a major theme of late.. The “Drift” crew arrived with various wigs and hair extensions and this seemed to trigger strange late night hair salon operations with DT & Dr Evil getting in on the action. .  Scardy being the first customer to suffer a savage mullet mutilation, soon to be followed by Fats who finally started looking like Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now.. !!

On the injury front we had Shaun Green go down on speed reef, needing stitches to his heal, soon to be followed by Cory doing a foreward role into the sharp end of a table requiring numerous stitches to his scalp.  We also had Bummer Georgette sustaining a spontaneous swelling ot the knee joint, possibly brought on by nicotine poisoning and a complete aversion to any excercise.  On top of all of this the hypocondriasis continued in waves ad nauseum, with numerous punters crawling out of the jungle with various claims of near death experiences, which were finally diagnosed as viral gastro, adeno virus and muscle sprains. 

Finally a big thanks has to go out to Dr Dave Mortley who brought in a heap of supplies as well as an awesome otoscope.  Dr Dave is a dead-set legend and is most welcome to join the ranks of the Surf Docs..

Signing off now, with my number one, military hair cut, thanks to DT.. (pics to follow) Catch you soon.


Dr Phil

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