Maxim Devine Joins The Surfing Doctors

A big warm welcome to our latest goofy-footer Maxim Devine
Nationality: Australian 
Current Work Position: Surgical RMO at Royal Melbourne 
Home break: Grew up surfing Tasmania’s east coast & peninsula – Eaglehawk Neck. 
What sort of wave is it? Fun beach breaks and some reefs  
Fave surf destination / country: Indonesia 
Places  that you have visited: Australia (SA Coast, Tassie, VIC, NSW & QLD), Indonesia (Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Sumatra & Mentawai islands), Europe (France & Spain), Hawaii (Honolulu and Kuai) 
Current go-to board make and dims: Dylan Shapes, Mexican 6’0 
Current back up board make and dims: Mayhem Lost, V3 Rocket 5’9 
Big barrels or big turns: Nothing better than a barrel, but huge open faces are always fun. 
Heaviest surfing experience: Big Rags Left in the Mentawai islands
General advice for anyone going on a surf trip: Getting remote is best, pack the basics and enjoy. 

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