Karl Norinder Joins Surfing Doctors

Karl Norinder Joins Surfing Doctors

It’s not often that we have a Swedish Specialist climbing on board, but we now we do, as Karl Norinder Joins Surfing Doctors

Karl Norinder is a Swedish Specialist in General Practice, a keen surfer and a Sports Doctor. He’s also the first natural-footer to join in quite a while. We get to know him.

It has been quite a long time – thanks pandemic – since we have been operating anywhere near our normal program, but it feels like it is all coming back together again. The Surfing Doctors were in attendance at the Quiksilver Pro in G-Land, and are busy setting up a new infirmary at the Jawa Jiwa camp at G-Land.

Jawa Jiwa is one of the best camps at G-Land and The Surfing Doctors are proud to be setting up shop there for this foreseeable future. For more on the Jawa Jiwa camp, check it out here – Jawa Jiwa

For any other enquiries with regards to joining The Surfing Doctors please contact us:

email. loosepc@hotmail.com

Facebook Message. https://www.facebook.com/surfingdoctors/

Insta DM. @surfingdoctors

Karl Norinder

Karl Norinder Joins Surfing Doctors



Current Work Position:

Specialist in general practice. I am also working as a sports doctor. I am the head doctor for a professional Swedish soccer team in the highest division in Swedish soccer.

Home break:

Varberg, West Coast, Sweden.

Fave surf destination / country:

Portugal, Ireland.

Places that you have visited:

Portugal, Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Sri Lanka, Morroco, Indonesia, California, and the Maldives.

Current go-to board make and dims:

Mostly surf crappy onshore wind waves in Sweden, so for those conditions, my go-to board is a Firewire Seaside 5’7.

Current backup board make and dims:

I have a Cymatic 5’9 and a Holy Grail 6’0.

Big barrels or big turns:

I wish I could say barrels, maybe one day.

Heaviest surfing experience:

I surfed pretty big waves in Ekas Indonesia once.


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