Welcome To Jason Le Roux

Fresh out of a stint in G-Land, this is our latest Surfing Doctor, from Namibia.




In and around Cape Town, South Africa

Go-to board:

5’8” twin-keel fish

Step-up Dims:


Favourite Pro Surfer:

Dave Rastovich

Most inspirational surfer of all time, and why?

My mom, taught me to surf, and inspires me out the water as well

Gnarliest surf experience whilst travelling?

Broke my nose in the water once, it bled quite a bit, paddled back to the beach with a triangular dorsal fin in my wake.

Why do you surf?

To maintain sanity. 

Favourite surf destination?

South African Transkei coast

Surf Travel experience:

Before my trip to G-land, limited to Southern Africa

Education and Work experience: 

I Graduated MBBCh at the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa, in 2018. Since then, have done a post-grad diploma in emergency medicine. Enjoyed some HEMS and Aviation medicine work. Lately, I have been loving working in Anaesthesia and plan to stick to this for the foreseeable future

Anything else about yourself:

Surfing comes before all, but I am also a passionate cook, distiller, guitarist, swimmer, hiker, martial artist, scuba diver, and surf lifeguard, and have an unhealthy obsession with growing bonsai.

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