Welcome To Dr Dan Lack

Dan Lack is currently a GP in Tasmania


Work Experience

* 20 years of climate change research
* 10 years of Mountain rescue in Colorado
* Now: GP in Tasmania + teaching faculty UTAS Expedition Medicine + Ski patrol medical officer

Travel – Surf

* My surfing has been mostly in Australia with smatterings in New Zealand and South Africa.

Travel – The Rest

* Mountaineering, white water kayaking, and rock climbing in Peru, China, New Zealand, Southern Africa, and Uganda.
* Expedition Medicine roles in Peru, The Kimberly, China, Australia
* General travel to Alaska, Europe

Favourite Surf Spots

* North Point of Moreton Island has been very kind to me!
* Rapid 11 on the Zambezi River 🙂
* My Local break now is Tam O’Shanter in North Tassie.


* Undergrad – Chemistry
* Honours Year – Geo-chemistry
* PhD – Atmospheric Physics
* Grad Cert – Healthcare in Remote and Extreme Environments

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