Ismael Rodriguez

There are no words to describe my deep sense of love and gratefulness that I feel towards both of you. (Wendy and Phil) A godsend is quite simply an understatement.

The cast that you guys placed on my leg made it all the way to the surgery room. As soon as I saw my x-rays, I freaked cause I could clearly see 4 different fractures BUT I was super relieved to see that the bones were all aligned. Both doctors that saw my x-rays told me that your reducton/pulling my leg effort was right-on. If it had not been for your help I would not have been able to fly out of Bali the very next day of my injury. You should have seen the xrays. The distal tibia had one massive, wave like fracture that was almost horizontal to the tibia. It had to be about 3-4 inches long. Two more fracture lines were visible in the distal tibia as well. The M.D. told me it was a rotational, screw-like fracture, which makes sense since I was trying to bottom turn when the lip hit me in my back. What apparently saved my ankle ligaments was that the proximal fibula also had a fracture (this one showed displacement), releasing pressure that otherwise would had lead to ligament damage. I almost went into surgery at Bali but I am so glad I flew home for surgery. I landed in Puerto Rico on thursday and had surgery on friday. One bar was hammered into my tibia and 3 screws finished up the job. I am sored but I am recovering fast. Thanks again for your help and God bless you always!

Aloha, Ismael

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