1. good article Bart (and christo), thanx!

    I am one of the many sufferers of surfer’s (and swimmer’s) ears, for many years now, and eventually had to go for the surgical canaloplasty 3days ago! my one ear was about 99% grown closed, and the other 98%!!! i am glad to report that so far i have had NO PAIN, nausea or complications, but will have to be out of the water for at least 4 weeks for the skin inside the ear canal to heal…
    i have heard and read many reports about how painful and debilitating this procedure can be, so i feel very fortunate to feel so well immediately after the operation – i HAVE to add though, that this is definately because i had the surgery done by A VERY EXPERIENCED SPECIALIST, who has done many of these procedures, including my older brother’s ears 8 years ago. it is a very technically difficult procedure, requiring fine skillfull handling of diamond-tip drillbits, ranging from sizes 3,2 to 1,3mm diameter. the most difficult part of the surgery is to be aware of where exactly you are drilling, as there are no reliable anatomical landmarks within the external ear canal to guide you – thus there is the risk of damaging other structures, such as the facial nerve. my surgeon informed me that he is currently aware of 2 court cases following this procedure, one for facial nerve paralysis, and one for sensori-neural hearing loss…
    the point i am trying to make is, the surgery is not just a “little operation”, and when you do reach the point where you need surgery, make sure you have it done by a reputable, experienced ENT specialist.
    so my advice: surf in tropical warm water, or if you aren’t fortunate enough to live in Indo, use Prestik (or any similar) earplugs and a neoprene hoody to protect your ears from the cold 🙂

    happy surfing, c u guys in indo!

  2. Thanks for your comments, Nils- if any one else would like to share their experiences, please feel free to post… 🙂

  3. I’m going in for surgery Thursday 11/29/12. They are only doing one ear. Did you have both of them done? I was told at first they could do both but now they are only going to do the left. Did you have one or both ears done? Please help me to get an answer as I am seeing my Dr. for a Pre-op today, 11/27/12 at 2 PM.



    • Hi, Dave, I realize this response comes somewhat late. But it could help others who might have the same question.

      Hope your surgery was a success?

      Everyone I know had both their ears operated on during a single hospitalization and with only one anesthetic. One ear after the other. With all of them both ears were similarly obstructed.

      Remember the ear plugs and warm hood!


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