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Greetings from the Java Jungle…Joyo’s Surf Camp remains a place of the epic chill and hospitality… Been in the jungle a few hours- but already managed to meet some old faces from last year and quite a few cool new ones as well. As always the staff have been legendary…. settling in with a nice cup of Java coffee, and yummy fruit.
Waves have been cooking here over the last few days, and although it’s dropped off a little today, there’s definitely a wave, people are happy and it’s pretty uncrowded….
Mick Burke has taken over from Linton as the surf guide, Kim is here as the resident yogi, and I’ve just taken over from Simon Nothing as team G-land doc….
News as it happens from here, until the blog is up at www.surfingdoctors.com
PS Mick and Kim can’t type so I’m doing their bidding as well.

More soon,
Preets (and Mick and Kim).

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  1. There were some pretty epic waves over in G-Land last week, Friday 7th and Saturday 8th August. Good vibe out in the water and all was good in the jungle !
    Not too many injuries last week, apart from Dan and his head. Candice sutured the wound up well and a bit of a haematoma was removed during the week. All seemed to be healing well when I left last weekend. A few nasty reef gashes as well but no other wounds requiring sutures.
    Preeti is now the doctor out there, so all the surfers are in safe hands.
    Catch you all later !
    Simon Nothling

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