Still pumping…

Hi all,

A few sore heads around the place as birthday celebrations went on into the night, the chef made a cracking chocolate cake complete with festive candles… there’s a few people I’m sure will be feeling pretty seedy on their way back to Bali today… Will managed the worst injury of the day (non surf related, looking like he’s got a broken toe…) most of the camp left this morning, and only 8 new arrivals, who will have their pick of the waves and the run of the jungle… Nick Gibbs arrived on the fast boat this morning and will be the resident yogi for the next while.

Waves yesterday had calmed down a bit from the weekend but still solidly overhead, perfect Moneytrees all day, and today is a little smaller again, but looking pretty good at Moneytrees… boys went fishing in the afternoon- no fish, but probably more an excuse to float around the bay with a few bintangs.

Chef’s been conjuring up some good stuff in the kitchen- I asked him yesterday why the bread was green- his answer ‘because the jungle is green’. Can’t argue with that…

So that’s it for now… more soon,

Resident Doctor, Joyo’s Surf Camp, G-land

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