Surfing Doctors 2012 Newsletter

Howzit, and welcome to the 2nd ever Surfdocs newsletter.

The reason these are so rare is that I have to type them, and I’m pretty slow.

There is however quite a bit of news and information I need to share.

No doubt you guys have all been super-busy with your normal, hardworking lives, with the occasional mission to the beach for some sanity in the surf!

It is my mission to try get you into the surf more often, and to also try and ensure you get some quality surf abroad.

2011 flew by and I noted that interest in the group, and what we get up to, is growing steadily.

The conference in G-land went down reasonably well mainly because the surf went right off.

We also had lots of decent educational sessions. Food was not the best, but everyone tucked into the liquid refreshments and had some eventful bonding sessions, albeit a bit painful at times!

There was plenty of free thinking and sharing of ideas, and our core group seems to be expanding slightly. Most delegates left feeling that we need to do more of this sort of thing.

At present our website is undergoing a major overhaul, but I have reason to believe it will up operational soon – Yes, as some of you have gathered, it’s rolling now! Good work Shannon. (Thanks Phil!)

The G-land ROSTER:

Lots of spaces still. So far I have interest from a few crew, and the roster looks like this: I still need exact dates, but most crew are only doing 2 weeks max.

  • April: Dave Gibson – pulled out… so, still open.
  • May: Tim Sluis – Maybe ?
  • June: Wendy Henderson + Preeti  (Need to confirm dates here!)
  • July: Simon Nothling
  • August: Preeti Nirgude
  • Sept: Early Sept open – then Conference from the 15th onwards.
  • Oct / Nov: Open.


The plan is to have all this information on a specific link on the website.

There has been tons of interest, but often the crew find excuses to bail at the last minute.


The project at Namuga is going ahead, but it looks like we might only be involved next year.

Wendy Henderson is keeping an eye on developments. Big Congrats to Wendy on passing her Primary FACEM exams – excellent work!!

SHIRTS and OTHER stuff:

Going to do another run of shirts this year, and might even do caps. Let me know who’s keen.

Might even have a section on the website where you can order for a nominal fee.

Medical kits are also being constructed, and will hopefully be marketed on the website.

Funds generated are going directly into running costs.


Yes the froth is on in Europe. A crew from the Netherlands have formed a similar group, and seem super keen!! They are rolling with a professional looking website, and also a well organised conference which is going ahead in Sagres, Portugal from the 8th June to the 10th June.

Suss out the website:

G-Land: The conference is on again: Dates tentatively are mid-Sept onwards for 5 days.

The RSA (South African) conference at Coffee Bay has been postponed until next year, as May is way too close to get organised. But, there is interest in a Documentary there, possibly even around June / July this year. If anyone is keen, please get back to me asap.

We are still thinking of a mini-conference at Linnaeus (Byron Bay, Oz) but, I’ll send more info in due course.

Other big news: We are moving camps at G-land. The time has come to head up the point to the G-Spot camp. The plan is to build our own bungalow with infirmary attached, and I’ll send more info regarding this exciting new development in the near future.


Alex Turner (The Geezer), has been amazingly focussed, and has gone ahead with some interesting work.

He compiled a very eye pleasing display for his spinal safety / retrieval protocols.

(I’ll have to see if we can get these shots downloaded on the website)

He has also compiled a case report that will be presented in poster form at the upcoming Wilderness Medicine conference in London in April 2012.

Other ongoing projects include a Spinal injury case series.

If anyone feels the urge to do any form of project, audit, paper, please get hold of me, and I’ll try my best to give you a hand or guide you towards the best resources.

That’s pretty much it for now, 2012 is bound to be exciting on the Surfdoc front. All one has to do is chat to Ingvar Berg from the European Surfdocs to feel the froth coming from Europe. There is a lot of interest over there, and these guys are really pushing for a solid sponsor.

The other big 3 are also interested in some form of collaboration. The big 3 being ;

Waves of Health, Surfers Medical Association and SurfAid international.

More about this soon!!

Keep the focus and Keep charging,


Phil Chapman


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