Dr James Parkinson – ER Nurse


James Parkinson OAM

Registered Nurse graduated 1994

Worked in G-Land as paramedic/first-aid since 2000 to present


  • Works in Emergency Department Byron Bay Hospital
  • Born and Bred Bondi/Tamarama Beaches now reside Lennox Head
  • In Le-Ba boardriders (Lennox-Ballina)
  • Play Bass Guitar in rock band named “Till the cops come” based in Byron Bay
  • First overseas surf trip North Shore Hawaii 1992 just after 18th Birthday
  • Awarded Order Of Australia after First Bali Bombing 2002 for the  co-ordinating of and giving treatment to the bombing victims in the immediate aftermath of those bombings. I was on a break in Bali from working in G-land at the time during a flat spell.
  • The surf guide Ben Silk was also on a break and was inside the Sari club when it exploded. A brick wall saved his life.


  1. Strewth mate – I’d like to know where you keep your defibrilator – or is that it in your shorts…..

    I also can’t see anywhere you affx your siren and flashing lights whilst surfin…….

    congratulations – what a job…….

    speak soon,


    p.s. Marie is recoverinbg thanks.

  2. Good Morning!
    First off I hope the waves are amazing where ever you are. Trestles is FLAT!!!

    Next I would like to know how I go about getting a job with Surfing Dr’s.
    I am a hospital Corpsman in the US Navy. Which is a combat Medic for the Marines. I love helping people but I could not afford to go to school for my dream job PA. Second to helping people is a close tie between my dog and surfing, but since he surfs as well we will just say both.

    For the last three years I have been dreaming about how amazing it would be to find a job somewhere in the world taking care of surfers. For free, for pay, for room and board it doesn’t matter. It would just be amazing to be able to help people and surf perfect waves. I have worked in ER’s, multi-service wards, L&D, NICU, and Battalion Aid Stations with Marines. I am a certified instructor in BLS, ACLS, TCCC(tactical combat casualty care), PALS, NRP(neonatal resuscitation), and am currently working on getting certified to operate the Simulation Manikins for hospitals. I am seriously in love with helping people and surfing and I couldn’t think of a better job for me. if you have any information on how I can become a part of your team please email me at Nzepp89@gmail.com

    thank you for your time.
    nathan zepp

    • Hi Nathan,
      Thanks for ur interest in the surfing doctors.Its great to hear
      from like-minded people!One of the boys who co-ordinates the recruiting
      side of things will be in touch shortly.Sorry for the delayed response my baby is due in 3 weeks things have been hectic over my way!!!
      All the best hopefully will get to meet u at the conference?!
      jim (Registerd Nurse E.R)

  3. Hi, my name is Jessica Little i have been an RN for 18 years. Being kicked out of the house at 18 and being a selfish surfer, my motivation for becoming an RN was,” i’ll be a nurse at G-land one day”. I’ll be 46 this year, and am still a selfish surfer. Is there a job available on G-land?

    Born/ raised in Ventura, Ca. Now living in Humboldt county.

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