End of season G Land vacancies

Calling all surfing doctors! We are just writing to you to let you know that we have got some last minute end of season vacancies in the G Land roster. The whole of October is available as well as early November depending on how late the camp stays open this season. For those of you […]

Video: Dr Mike Frood

Mike, an RMO and PGY3 talks about the fantastic medical experiences he has enjoyed Bunbury hospital and his journey on the Rural Practice Pathway.

Winners of the Surfing Doctors Raffle at Foamlust

The annual Surfing Doctors fundraising raffle kicked off in April at the Margaret River Drug Aware Pro. Tickets were sold at the FOAMLUST expo (www.foamlust.com) at the Margaret River Cultural centre, a satellite shapers and surf lifestyle event associated with the competition where Phil did an excellent talk to a crowd of 100 about remote […]

Self treatment and jungle rashes

Greetings from the jungle It has been so good being back, I have now had 7 days of the best ground hog day in the world: eat, surf, eat, surf, eat, repeat! The waves have been consistently good, a couple of bigger days, but nothing massive and the crowd factor low and friendly. In essence […]

Dr Eghardt Brand

Consultant Intensivist at the Cottage MediClinic Hospital in Swakopmund, Namibia.

A few weeks at Macaronis Surf Resort – David Gunn

I have just finished a great couple of weeks at Macaronis Surf Resort. This was my second placement as a SurfingDoc, having done a stint at G Land last year. My beautiful goofy footed wife Kristen and son and daughter Angus and Ivy were my crew again this year. First of all I gotta say […]

Kiwi Camp

Hey everyone! Angry Angus here (I’m not actually that angry…). I arrived a few days ago out at Raymond’s camp and was welcomed by a pumping swell. I came out with two friends from NZ, Nick and Brad – just three of us on the boat. Four guys left and three of us arrived and […]

Surf travel’s gone viral – by Joel Menzies

I startled awake, rain pelting my face, wind lashing my body, incoherent ramblings being muttered by my brother. My last memory was drifting off to sleep, lingering images of clear turquoise barrels on my mind with the sun setting over isolated pacific paradise. Completely disoriented I stumbled up, only to be struck by flying debris. […]