Surfing Doctors Conference Provisional Programme 2011

Surfing Doctors 2nd Annual Conference G-land, Java 4-11th September 2011 This year we’ll be covering the usual themes of remote and rural medicine, but in the light of global events, there will be an emphasis on natural disasters, and disaster management. Mike Frood’s also offered to give us all a crash course in Indonesian. Programme: […]

Surfing Doctors Conference 4-11th September, G-land, Java, Indonesia

So the cogs are grinding and plans for the 2011 Surfing Doctors Conference are afoot… it looks like we’ll be bring you a variety of talks and the usual crew and waves will be present as ever… Dates are 4-11th September 2011 at Joyo’s Surf Camp, G-land, you can find information about the accommodation available […]

Surfing Doctors Conference 2011 Dates Sept 4th-11th September 2011

We’ve decided to set the 2011 Surfing Doctors Conference at G-land for 4-11th Sept 2011, which coincides with the Joyo’s Surf Camp trip dates… Overland transport will leave Kuta late night 4th, or fast boat on the 5th early AM and transport back on the 11th Sept… Please can you have a look at the […]

Fun, Fever & Fungus

Hi there crew , reporting in from WA after just having returned from the SE  Javanese jungle , where the internet was decidedly unreliable . After an initial pulse of solid swell in late September things went relatively quiet as we headed into October.  There were still fun sessions to be had up at Kongs […]

Monsoon Madness , Speedies suprise , and silicone sausages !!

Howdy folks Back deep in the java jungle reporting in we have medical student AT Turner and Dr Phil Chapman aka ‘Dr Evil’ Been a busy few days on all fronts with pumping swell for the last 3 days and consequently no shortage of broken boards bodies and egos! Started off quite slow and relaxed […]

Return of the Fungus…

Sorry about the long-winded onslaught, the net in the jungle can be very temperamental at times, hence having to post all at once. Mon 30th Surf 2ft & Average General Crap After pulling up out the back of Speedies in the fast boat, it wasn’t quite the scenario the frothing krew aboard were anticipating. 2ft, […]

Fractures, Fungus, Firing Speedies & Fun Times

Hi-ya Everybody! Just finished an amazing 3 weeks at Joyo’s Surf camp in the jungle: fractures, firing Speedies, fungus & fun times! Here’s a quick update of what went down…   Kicked off with a serious 7 day flat spell when we first arrived at G-Land during which time we explored alternative activities to ward […]

Ismael Rodriguez

There are no words to describe my deep sense of love and gratefulness that I feel towards both of you. (Wendy and Phil) A godsend is quite simply an understatement.

Rumble in the Jungle

Howdy folks, a brief update from the jungle in Java.. We had an epic day in the surf yesterday with some 6 foot bombs coming through on the launching pad.. And then reeling off down speed reef.  On some sets the ellusive cobra showed its coiled neck.. Today there was a slight drop off in […]

Jungle Rot sets in.!!

Howdy Folks We are reporting in from the Inaugural Surfing Doctors Conference, where we have been engaged in the huge task of organising, planning and educating the enthusiastic group that have come on this journey to the Plenkung Reserve.. While the lectures have been interesting and educational, the action after hours has been highly entertaining.. Just last night […]

The Blobs Blog

Howdy to you blog loving Doctor types.. Just a quick question… Being a rather rotunderous, fun loving, lump of a guy and a real lover of chocolate.  The last few days have seen me inhale the odd “bakers dozen” of lovely little chockie bunnies and maybe a couple of eggs too.   Now me being a […]

The Surfdocs Jungle conference looms !

Well guys , I must say I’m finally getting the amp up for this conference . It’s been a long time coming , but , by the 28th of April we should have a solid contingent of Medicos , Nurses , and Med students , and various other loose units headed for the Plenkung Reserve […]

David Henderson

Thanks for looking after my reef cuts when I was in Joyo’s camp this season Phil. You’ve got a fantastic attitude mate and Surfing Doctors is a staid idea – I wish you all the best with it.

Festive Greetings!

Hi all, Just a message wish you a good festive season, I am sure you are all celebrating it an appropriate fashion…. Thanks to everyone for the progress of the SurfDocs this year… we’ve made huge progress… First big shout out to Webguru and legend Shannon, without whom we would be logoless, websiteless, blogless, and […]

First Aid Help at Supertubes, Jeffreys Bay…

Following the successful evening of First Aid and Life Support At the Beach talk in Jeffreys Bay, the Surfing Doctors in conjunction with Jeffreys Bay Boardriders Club have organised 2 first aid boxes as a first port of call for surfers and other beach users who are injured at Supertubes or any of the other […]

Jbay November 2009

A big thanks to everyone who came to the First Aid and Life Support at the Beach talk at Potters Place on 19th November… Again thanks to everyone at Jbay Boardriders who helped organise it. We also discussed organising a first aid box and info sheet at Supertubes, and we’ll let you all know once […]

Samo samo

Shame about Bunbury morale- maybe they should think about working here! So, the day starts at 5am with a cholera outbreak visit to a local village, that doesn’t happen! No matter, as there is plenty in ED to keep me entertained, Screwdriver attacks, splenic trauma and worse from domestic violence (a 60% high here), the […]