New Frontier- PNG

Here I am in PNG, just finished 2 weeks of teaching on an Emergency Medicine Diploma for health workers over here. Interesting – challenging, but awesome. Kinda been working in the local hospital since then- bit of an eyeopener and I was left to work in the ED on my own on my first morning-humm…. […]

the sun sets on g-land

The rumours were true and Joyo’s closed earlier than expected. Real shame but we all had a wicked time. On the last day, one of the guests split his head on the reef at Speedies, but it was only partial thickness and came together beautifully with some glue. Lawrence came over from Bali for the […]

They think it’s all over…

You never know what the day will bring. Today it brought onshore winds, 7 new guests (but took 4 away) and the news that the camp will probably close on the 4th of November. Granted, the camp is not exactly running at full capacity and the forecast suggests it will be flat after Wednesday, but […]

Jungle Stuff

Winds up and swell dropping a little, but we managed a few good waves the past few days. Our eternally stoked Dutchman Nils claims to have had one of the best surfs of his life yesterday morning, cleaning up at Kongs with only one other person out. The rest of us had unfortunately elected for […]

New Doctor in the House

End of day 3 at Joyo’s and loving it! Had some nice mellow waves up at Kongs yesterday and have been stuffing my face at every meal – food here is great. Unfortunately, the swell is dropping off, but had some fun on some little waves at tiger tracks this morning. Couple of the Perth […]

It’s that time again… Goodbye G-land Jungle!

It’s always a massive wrench to leave the G-land Jungle, and this time even more so than usual as I’ve spent 2 months this season here…. back again late April for the first Surfing Doctors Conference (28th April- 5th May 2010) Massive terima kasih to everyone, staff and guests at Joyo’s Surf Campo here in […]

Things to do in the Jungle when it’s small….

There’s plenty to occupy the downtime when it’s small here- some more energetic than others… yesterday was a day for catching up on DVDs, emails, music, swimming, fishing and hanging at the beach… everyone gathered at sunset down at the jetty with a couple of crates of the stuff in green bottles and were treated […]

Dropping swell, but good times…

The swell has been dropping off but there’s still small but fun G-land to be had… and still no crowds here really….there’s been a daily crew heading to Tiger Tracks as well, just for a bit of a change, some highly rippable waves there, with the Davidson’s from Australia taking full advantage, mum and dad […]

More Jungle Times

It’s been small for a couple of days, but the promised swell looks like it’s coming through with it all looking good today… Hawaiian CJ had got a couple of waves when a wave hit him, and he dislocated his shoulder… managed with difficulty and a lot of pain to come in off the reef, […]

Quiet in the Jungle…

Swell’s dropped off, it’s been 3-4 foot yesterday and small again today, but the swell’s forecast to be improving over the course of the weekend and into early next week… coupled with a new moon on the 18th we should see good things happening… More sashimi as Brad and John went fishing yesterday arvo and […]

Jungle Happenings….

Waves have been solid for the last few days, and the swell seems to be on it’s way down… Laurie has been charging, but is still the top contender for the title of ‘Death Tube Near Death Experience’… and is amazingly intact with a number of impressive barrels under his belt… Ryan has broken two […]

COOKING waves at G-land…

The waves have been pumping, a couple of 6-8 foot days, boards are being broken, leashes snapped, heads have hit the reef, but most of all, everyone’s been getting big barrelling G-land. Ryan is so bummed about his board he won’t even talk us through it, he’s just holding a bintang in one hand and […]

Swell is building….

Waves have been solid overhead for the last day and increasing swell combined with perfect conditions is set to grace us over the weekend and into the next week…. every one is pretty stoked and the mood in the camp is one of excitement and anticipation to see what the coming days will bring, and […]

Jungle News…

Waves have been small but getting a little bigger and more consistent, still a fair few fun ones to be had, new swell should be hitting if we are to believe the charts… Crowds are not too bad either- people seem to be spreading their surfs out through the day and across the spots… Yoga […]

JUST say NO, kids!

Waves first… although the conditions have been perfect the swell has been lacking somewhat… some good ones at Speedies and Kongs, but not a great deal to shout about for the last day or two.. so we’ve been on chill time here… movies, massage, cheeseballs at sundown, bit of guitar playing on the jetty… life […]

Latest on the Indonesian earthquakes, and Padang Earthquake Relief Appeal

The latest on the situation in Indonesia can be found via the SurfAid International site, the link is below. SurfAid Padang Earthquake Update Saturday 3 October 2009: Two major earthquakes have hit the Padang, West Sumatra, region – the initial 7.6 on Wednesday evening and then a 6.6 quake on Thursday morning.  Padang, the gateway to […]

October Froth is ON!!

Back in the G-land jungle for a second stint this year… taking over from Dr Phil…Just recovering from the overnight, overland trip over here- should have taken the fastboat option but was frothing to get out of Kuta… Thoughts go out to the very many people affected by the two Indonesian earthquakes, and the tsunami […]

The termination of an evil presence

Howzit folks Well the time has come to exit the jungle.. Yesterday conditions were very small, in the 2 – 3 ft range, thus making a normally painful departure quite bearable.. The crowd in the water consisted of day tripping Euro gliders and numerous be-helmeted darth vadar – like crash test dummies, giving the other […]

Pied Piper and Lemmings depart G-Land

Howzit folks Reporting in today after one blog blinder, because of Raymondo’s beer fest, we will be combining 2 reports into one.. Yesterday surf was in the 4 – 5 ft region and we even had a few clean gems roll through speedies.. The SA crew (David & Lyle) were onto it milking every last […]