Camp numbers picking up… and so are the waves….

We had pretty small G-land yesterday, but better today… and set to be better tomorrow… Numbers in camp have gone up- 31 people arrived today and only 3 left,. pretty mellow crowd from all 4 corners of the globe… Have been talking through making some camp changes with Camp Boss Laurenz, and will keep you […]

Jungle Life…

Waves still barrelling and perfect and ridiculously uncrowded.. I’ve been teaching Mick Burke the surf guide and Annie how to suture using a bit of cut up wetsuit- have to say Mick’s getting the hang of it pretty well… I’ve taken a bit of old reef out of Mick’s foot and looking forward to dinner- […]

Still pumping…

Hi all, A few sore heads around the place as birthday celebrations went on into the night, the chef made a cracking chocolate cake complete with festive candles… there’s a few people I’m sure will be feeling pretty seedy on their way back to Bali today… Will managed the worst injury of the day (non […]

Waves, waves and more waves!

Waves: Well. There were definitely waves yesterday, as predicted it cleaned up, but didn’t drop off. G-land was enormous with some sets that were easily over 10 foot. Burko got loads, about 15 people in the water… great big angry looking barrels. One guy snapped his leash and lost his board, that would have been […]

Latest from G-land

Hey all, The swell’s arrived, and there’s huge messy G-land… some good waves at 20-20’s, and that’s where a lot of guys surfed today… Burko got some good pics and managed to make little bro Paul look like he really can surf… hopefully it cleans up tomorrow… Still uncrowded… A few people left today, a […]

Jungle Times

The gods of technology have been smiling down upon me in my jungle abode, and not only is the Blog on up, but I have also worked out how to use it… no kicking, screaming or swearing either…a triumph! I’ve also uploaded the few previous missives that I’d sent out via our Facebook group […]

Another G-land update

So since I last wrote…. Waves: yesterday turned from quite wee to nicely 5 ft and perfect, the swell’s hit WA already, and yesterday late arvo/ early evening we were starting to see pulses… Camp: 13 people out, 7 people in, numbers are low, crowds minimal, and the swell is coming… we should have some […]

G-land update

Hi all, time for an update from the jungle, now I’m on day 3 and have settled in… Surf first…. first day I think I’ve mentioned, but anyway the ledge was spitting, and people were happy… since the swell’s been dropping off… yesterday was small, but there were still waves… 3/10 by G-land standards, but […]

G- land

Greetings from the Java Jungle…Joyo’s Surf Camp remains a place of the epic chill and hospitality… Been in the jungle a few hours- but already managed to meet some old faces from last year and quite a few cool new ones as well. As always the staff have been legendary…. settling in with a nice […]


Hi all This is the first post on our new Surfing Doctors Blog!

Jedidiah Daoud Nel

Hand is doing good so far i think, except it seems like some of those stitches is pulling thru as you said it would. But it still looks like the cut is together so i think it should be fine.

Glen Chapman, Aloha Afrika

Hi Preeti, Nice meeting you today. Thanks for helping out the youngster. Can’t wait to see your website and let surfers know the great work you all do.