Locum Positions Near Surf Destinations in Australia

Surfing Doctors has recently been in contact with a number of locum agencies around the country, and we have been told of a number of positions that are available, on the coast, with waves in the vicinity. Some of these locations have excellent waves in the area, some of them are more remote and less […]

Dr Chapman Charging At G-Land

This is Surfing Doctors Founder Dr Phil Chapman charging at G-Land. This is why we have the annual Surfing Doctors Conference at G-Land. This year it’ll be from May 3rd- 8th. Reach out if you want to attend.   ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]

… and Dr Alex Hoediono follows his brother to the Surfing Doctors team.

Introducing Dr. Alex Hoediono We welcome Dr. Alex Hoediono and his brother Dr. Nikolas Hoediono to the team. Tell us a bit about yourself, Alex? I’m the less talented brother. What is your education and work experience? Studied in Queensland. This is my second year working in Sydney. What is your current position? RMO Where […]

Dr Nikolas Hoediono Joins The Team…

Introducing Dr Nikolas Hoediono We welcome Dr. Nikolas Hoediono and his brother Dr. Alex Hoediono to the team. Tell us a bit about yourself, Nick? I’m originally from a pretty boring town in Ontario, Canada. Despite being dealt this privileged yet ocean-less hand, I grew up in a family that valued the outdoors and spent […]

A Big Welcome To Dr Jorn Van Der Veken

Surfer, windsurfer, kiteboarder and Neurosurgeon,  Dr Jorn Van Der Veken joins the party!   Nationality? Belgian   Current Position?  Cerebrovascular Fellowship, Sydney   Local surf spot? Currently North Narrabeen and Manly. When I’m in Europe it’s Wissant in Northern France   Favourite surf destination? Fuerteventura North Shore.   Travel experience? Portugal, Spain, France, Morocco, Maui, Oahu, […]

Introducing Dr Raf Ghabrial and Friends Of Nias

A big welcome to Dr Raf Ghabrial, joining the Surfing Doctors. Dr Ghabrial is also very involved with the Friends Of Nias organisation, and you can find out more about it here – http://friendsofnias.org/   Nationality: Australian.   Education:  Medical degree and Eye Specialist qualifications at Sydney. Current position: Now Associate Professor at Sydney University in […]

Final Year Medical Student Mallee Lambert Joins The Fun

As the third installment of the Newcastle Final Year medical students, Mallee joins his mates Nick Cooper and Jonathan Kuo as current and paid up members of Surfing Doctors. Welcome lads. All three of them rate Papua New Guinea as favourite surf destinations, so maybe PNG is holding? Let’s see what Mallee has been up […]

Surfing Doctors Newsletter February

Surfing Doctors Newsletter 01 February 2019 Hi all members old and new This is the first of what will become a regular newsletter, and its purpose is to let all members know what we’re getting up to, what some of the members are getting up to, as well as camp rosters and surf missions. This […]

Final Year Medical Student Jonathan Kuo

We welcome Medical Student Jonathan Kuo to the team. Where are you from? Australian. What is your current position? I’m a medical student. Where is your local surf spot? Dixon Park/Merewether, Newcastle, NSW. Where is your favourite surf destination? Papua New Guinea (New Ireland & New Hanover). What sort of travel experience do you have? […]

Final Year Med Student Nick Cooper

We would like to welcome final year Medical Student Nick Cooper to the Surfing Doctors fold. Nick is a goofy-footer from Newcastle. Current position: Final Year Medical Student at University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia. Local surf spot: Dixon Park, Newcastle. Favourite surf destination New Ireland/New Hanover PNG. Travel experience: North America, Central America, Europe, Indo, […]

Dr Rogier Steins Signs Up For The Surfing Doctors

Dr Rogier Steins is a Dutch doctor currently in his last year of GP-training. During his 3rd year of medicine he joined a student organization (SPIN) in Utrecht, The Netherlands, which is involved in surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, wakeboarding and kitesurfing. During this period Dr Steins surfed in France (Biarritz, Molliets, Lacanau, Saint-Jean-de-Luz), Spain (Zaurautz), Maroc (Taghazout) […]

A Big Welcome To Dr Simon McCosker

Introducing Dr Simon McCosker Nationality:  Australian. Current Position:  JMO at Wollongong Hospital. Favourite surf spot:  Potholes or Aussie Pipe!  Favourite surf destination:  Undecided (too many places I have yet to surf!) Travel experience:  UK, Europe, USA, Hawaii, Baja (Mexico), Canada, Vietnam, NZ, Bali, India, Japan. Best surf trip ever:  So far, surfing Trestles as good as […]

Dr Michael Hu Joins Surfing Doctors

Nationality: United States of America Current Position: Resident Physician, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (Integrated), University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) Favourite surf destination: North Shore, Oahu Travel experience: Oahu, Kauai, Big Island, California, Florida, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Bali, Portugal, and the wave pools (Typhoon Lagoon, Snowdonia, NLand, Surf Ranch, BSR) Best surf trip ever: Surf […]

A Big Welcome To Prof Herwig Drobetz

Our latest addition to The Surfing Doctors is Prof Herwig Drobetz MD, PhD, FAOrthA, FRACS, CIME. Orthopaedic Trauma Surgeon, Professor Ortho and Trauma JCU SMD, Director Trauma Services Lismore Base Hospital, Surfer…   Tell us a little about yourself. I’m a Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon.   From where? I received my training in Austria.   […]

Introducing Dr Mitchell Van Deurse

We welcome the hard-charging Dr Mitchel Van Duerse to Surfing Doctors.   Tell us a little about yourself. Well, I’m currently a RMO at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital with particular interest in critical care medicine. My aim is to head down the anaesthetics pathway in the future.   Where did you do your studies? […]

Introducing Dr. Jonathan Kneib

The latest Surfing Doctors member is a stoked surfer from San Diego called Dr Jonathan Kneib. An Emergency Medicine trained physician, and currently an Ultrasound and International Medicine Fellow at Stony Brook Hospital in NY, Long Island.   A well-traveled surfer who has been to numerous surfing destinations around the world, he is soon off […]

The Dr Anne Stephenson Profile

We welcome Dr Anne Stephenson to the Surfing Doctors fold. Where did you grow up? I grew up in inland Victoria longing to be at the beach which, alas, was only once a year on our annual summer holiday. Where do you do most of your surfing these days? Thankfully, I now live on the […]

Macaroni’s Resort Roster and Availability

For anyone who is thinking of doing a Surfing Doctors stint at Macaronis Resort, here is the schedule/roster for 2019. All info from Dr Eghardt Brand. dr.eghardtbrand@yahoo.com     Macaronis Resort 2019     8 March – 29 March: booked   AVAILABLE: 29 March – 19 April: 3 WEEKS SLOT   19 April – 24 […]

Paramedic Brett Webster Enters Stage Left

Firefighter and paramedic William Bret Webster has joined the Surfing Doctors, and this is his welcome into the gang, and virtual hug.  Brett is 47 years old and he lives in Melbourne Beach, Florida.     He has worked for Brevard County Fire Rescue for 19 years as a firefighter/paramedic.  BCFR is the 5th largest […]

Neil Hunter – Emergency Medicine Advanced Trainee

It’s a big welcome to Neil Hunter, an Emergency Medicine Advanced Trainee on the Gold Coast, but originally from Northern Ireland.  Nationality –  Northern Irish Current Position –  Emergency Medicine Advanced Trainee, Gold Coast University Hospital Surf Travel Experience – East Coast Australia, Indonesia (Keramas), Scotland, Northern Ireland, Cornwall Favourite surf destination? Northern NSW.  Some […]