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  1. Hi. A friend of mine was surfing in small to moderate surf and did not suffer any major wipe outs or heavy push unders, falls or anything extraordinary that he can recall. After his surf he did complain about a bit of neck pain but did not think too much about it. 2 hours later he suffered a stroke and was hospitalized immediately. Thankfully he has made a full recovery and has no major side effects. The medical analysis has shown that the stroke was probably caused by a blood clot caused by a tear to the artery and he has been advised to stop surfing completely. Is this something that you have ever heard of?
    Would you agree with this cause of the stroke?

    • Hi Seth , that sounds like a neck vessel dissection , and subsequent stroke . This does happen in sport and trauma , and can even happed spontaneously in certain people .It is unusual , and I’m sure your friend has had all the necessary investigations , and treatment . I am not sure what risk factors your friend has , but , if he is otherwise fit and young I cannot see why he cannot surf anymore once fully recovered . Being on blood thinners and surfing has it’s risks , but plenty of crew still surf !! Cheers , Phil

  2. Hi, I am a GP in Wollongong NSW Australia , who just happened on your website. I have been on trips with Surfers Medical Association and with AMPED and would be interested in your future conferences and such. I will be spending a week in the Maldives from 29/7/18 to 5/8/17 , then probably a week in Bali. Not sure how the roster thingy works at G land but will email as above to see if they need anyone for the week of 6th august 2018 and what the arrangements are wrt accomodation etc.
    regards John Watson

    • Hi John , So far the roster is open and up for grabs from the 6th August . If we send docs out to G-land we would prefer it if they actually belong to our group . Are you at all interested in joining ?

    • Hi mate – I’m checking with Dave Hateley but it looks like there is only a med student headed to Gland on the 15 th . Swell looks epic !!
      Hopefully we can find a doc to send in .

  3. Phil… Pete Riou here (Treliske 1997 … can you remember that far back?) .. how can I get in touch in a more private forum? Can you drop me an email address? I hope all is good with you. My youngest boy has just come back from Lombok … he was in South Lombok for the earthquakes. He was lucky. My eldest son was in Nembrala this time last year.
    Cheers, Pete.

  4. Hi Phil and crew, I am a registered Paramedic from Wollongong region in Aus, are we able to join the surfing doctors crew and attend the conference in G-Land? Also noticed Paramedic/fireman conference @ G-Land? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Craig

  5. hey Guys,

    i a the Sec Gen of the surfing lawyers ( and wouldn’t mind touching base with you guys to discuss some collaboration. We have a few conferences each year and it would be nice to be able to invite you guys along.


    Peter Strain
    Sec Gen

  6. Hi Dr. Chapman,

    In your 2018 email below you said “The key is to try keep the wound dry after the surf.”

    I’ve been tegaderming a skin problem for at least 2 years and have got a water tight seal about 70% of the time. The 30% the pad has been wet from sweat or an imperfect seal has not seemed to make the wound worse. I’ve always cleaned and dried the wound after the surf and used whatever steroids or antibiotics that my Japanese doctor has been in favor of between surfs. Recently I have used vaseline to stop chaffing under the wetsuit which has worked. after 2 years the doctor has ruled out psoasritis? and Bowen’s disease but he still doesn’t seem to know what it is.

    Q.1 Is the sweat or sea water during the 30% of the surfs something to worry about if I keep it clean and dry out of the water?

    Q.2 Do you think the vaseline keeps the seawater off the wound?

    The wound is on the apex of the ankle. It’s only 1cm by 1cm. I couldn’t get the small size tegaderm to seal because the sticky part was on the stretchiest skin of the ankle. When I went up to the middle and larger sizes, the sticky part of the Tegaderm was on a less stretchy skin and the seal was much more consistent but not a 100%.

    The tegaderm gives me contact dermatitis so i vary the size of it from small to medium to large every surf which puts the sticky part on a different part of skin each surf. This has stopped the contact dermatitis.

    Q.2 Has the treatment of this kind of wound changed at all since foulest replied to me 2 years ago.

    3 weeks ago I got staphlyococus [spelling?] just above this wound. The Japanese doc treated it with antibiotics, steroids, pressure bandaging and keeping the foot up which brought the pain swelling and inflammation down 90%, Now I slough in the wound which The Japanese doc says will take 2 months to heal. Now i have replaced the antibiotics with Inadine and Prontosan for the slough. Any suggestions?

    Hope COVID isn’t keeping you out of the water too much!


  7. My name is William P. Messier, living in Orange County, California. I’m an app developer (surf forecasting) looking for an Orange County surfing doctor who understands what surf Knots or other conditions of years of surfing can bring to the table. You can reach me at ” ‘ I’m 72 years old and in perfect surfing condition and regularly go out on big days at San Onofree, California. Thanks, Bill

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