Who we are

Who are the Surfing Doctors?

We are a close-knit group of like-minded individuals who have filtered out of various specialities and areas of medicine to combine the love of two totally different passions; the surfing sport and lifestyle, and a lifelong career in medicine.

Our group have already proven themselves in various arenas and the common theme is that we are prepared to go over and above the call of duty for our fellow man in need with no expectation of financial reward.

Most of our group are keen surfers who have grown up in the water and adopted the surfing lifestyle. Having completed and taught on a number of life support courses, we can work both individually, and as a team, to educate surfers in both land and water safety.

Our focus is on educating surfers in the field of Basic Life Support (BLS). We also cover a wide range of specialities, and therefore, our accumulated skill mix enables us to provide advice on literally any type of surfing ailment and injury.

Apart from the benefits to the local community and resort staff, there has been considerable media attention lately about the hazards of surfing in remote locations, not only because the genre of surfers is now routinely spanning two generations, but also the new breed of surfers are more adventurous and dynamic than generations past, and so this organization has arisen to fulfill a need. Our presence in a surf location may tip the balance in favor of a potential client staying at a surf camp with a resident doctor versus staying at an unprotected camp.

Another key facet of the group is our attention to good surfing etiquette. This is a humble, well mannered team. We are keen to enjoy the surfing experience, and ensure everyone has peace of mind and a safe trip.

The Good Samaritan Act

Our Ethos is to head out to remote areas and act as caregivers to a host of different people including the setting up of long term projects with the local population, and looking after the guests and staff where we are based.

We competently cover anything from primary health care, to Advanced Trauma and Life Support.

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