Surfing Doctors

Surfing Doctors

Surfing Doctors

Surfing Doctors

Who Are We?

Surfing Doctors started as a group of like minded Doctors with an interest in surfing, medicine, CME and service. It has now grown to become a not for profit organisation to include other health professionals and medical students. We have a diverse crew now encompassing mupltiple professions and specialities.

Our main focus is on education, both through our annual conference and in smaller groups when in and around surfing. We also provide services to surf camps, competitions including multiple WSL events and surfers in general. We have proved ourselves in some challenging arenas in Indonesia and around the world.

We value surfing etiquette and good manners in and out of the water. We have worked hard to build relationships within this community. We are keen to enjoy the surfing experience and ensure everyone has peace of mind and a safe trip.

What do We Do?

Surfing Doctors offers diverse services catering to its members, potential members, and the wider surfing community.
For our valued members, we host an annual conference, typically set against the stunning backdrop of G-land in Java, Indonesia, as well as other events. The group is also a great networking and mentoring opportunity for members both locally and internationally. Student elective as also available (see linked page for more information). 

Members also have the opportunity to take on volunteer medical roles at various spots around the surfing world but our current headquarters is at Jawa Jiwa Camp at G-land.

We also have a strong affiliation with the Friends of Nias group who provide an amazing service at Lagundry Bay.

Who Can Join?

We warmly welcome doctors, medical students, paramedics, nurses, and allied health staff interested in joining our community.

For those considering taking on the role of a medic at G-Land, we kindly request that you possess essential medical skills such as suturing, wound care, basic life support, a foundational understanding of tropical medicine, and the ability to assess when evacuation is necessary.



To become a member, follow these simple steps:

  1. Complete the provided questionnaire.
  2. Upload a clear photograph of yourself and a few surfing photos that showcase your passion.

Membership subscriptions are priced at $AUD100 per year. This fee grants you access to our conferences and the opportunity to participate as a medic at G-land, provided you meet the required skill set.

Our subscription model is flexible, and if you decide to discontinue your membership, log in and cancel your subscription. Rest assured that all subscription fees are allocated towards maintaining our website, administrative tasks, organizing conferences, and contributing to charitable causes.