Dylan Freeman

Surfing Doctors Profile 2024 

Dylan Freeman



Current Position?

GP trainee in Bristol, UK

Education and work experience?

The University of Birmingham, Graduated in 2017

Moved to Melbourne 2019- Worked in Emergency as RMO PGY3

Moved to Sunshine Coast – Worked in Emergency as RMO PGY4 

Medical interests?

Expedition medicine, Tropical medicine 

Local surf spot?

Rest Bay, Wales

The Wave Bristol- Expensive but suitable for flat summers

What is your favourite surf destination?

Nicaragua – offshore all-day 

Favourite surf destination?

Nicaragua – offshore all day 

Travel Experience?


Central America

Short indo trip- want/ need to go back

Best Surf trip ever? 

Firing waves at empty Scar Reef 

Worst surf trip ever?

Standing on a sea urchin in Baja Mexico (Nine Palms- epic right hand point break). Local lady pulled every spine out- what a legend. 

What is the best thing about surfing?

I love how it clears my mind, focuses me, and also feels incredible at the same time. Love having to work out where will be best with the tide, wind, swell. Grew up by the sea in west wales, always in the water. 

Best advice you were ever given with regards to surfing?

More volume is better almost always 

Who is your favourite surfer in the world, and why?

Torren Martyn- styling, I also like mid lengths

Current go-to surfboards?

DHD 6ft, ?34Litres thruster. Unsure of dims. Bought this in Aus just before COVID lockdown- Continues to serve me well. 

Midlength crisis Pyzel- 7ft0, 46L ish . Perfect for smaller waves in UK.