Grattin Cox


Current Position?
Junior House Officer, currently working with GCUH Trauma Services.

Education and work experience?
I completed a Bachelor of Science at UBC with a Minor in Sociology. Then I moved to Australia and completed an MD at Griffith University in 2021.

Before becoming a doctor, I had experience in almost every line of work except medicine. I have been a cashier, a dishwasher/chef, a landscaper, and a children’s soccer coach. I worked as a pet counsellor at a pet store… which didn’t involve counselling pets. Between university and medical school, I worked in terrain park maintenance at Mt Seymour in Canada, which involved building jumps and rail features and testing them all day. On powder days, our boss would tell us to just go enjoy some laps, and he would reset the park overnight. These were four of the best years of my life. I became the foreman of a hardscaping company during the off-season.

Previous Volunteer Work?
Surrey Food Bank food and goods distributor, BC Children’s Hospital “fun cart.”

Medical interests?
I am still looking for my niche. I am leaning towards a career in rural generalism. I have thoroughly enjoyed terms in anaesthetics as I love procedural medicine and have an underlying interest in palliative care.


Local surf spot?
Main Beach (known by some as Maino Escondido), Straddie.

What is your favourite surf destination?
Indonesia has to be top of the list, but Central America is also amazing.

Travel experience?
I have been fortunate enough to visit South Africa several times (my parents are from Cape Town). I back-packed through Central America in 2015 and have just been again. My partner is Brazilian, so she has shown me a few of her favourite places in Brazil. When I first met her, we travelled around the coast of Sao Paulo on a tiny motorcycle. We taught English for a month near Maresias. Indonesia, whenever the chance arises. I have been up and down Australia’s East Coast since moving here. Of course, I explored the West Coast of Canada quite thoroughly growing up.

Best surf trip ever?
I recently returned from El Salvador and scored some of the funnest, uncrowded waves of my life. I also did an epic week in West Sumbawa with a good mate last year, where we surfed ourselves silly. Every day we would refuel the stoke at this local spot with some of the most delicious food I have ever eaten, and either a Bintang or a Pocari Sweat, depending on the time of day.

Worst surf trip ever?
It wasn’t intended to be a proper surf trip, more of a visit to a friend in Newcastle with, hopefully, a few waves.

I had booked a flight from Brisbane to Newcastle the morning after a run of night shifts. I missed my flight due to traffic, bought a costly new ticket for later that evening, attempted to sleep in my stinking hot car for the day, and then when I got there, it pissed all weekend. The only spot that was working was the Harbour which is the gnarliest, slabbiest wave I have ever surfed, with 20 boogy boarders and 15 Newcastle core-lords battling for the peak. To make matters worse, I slid down the rocks on entry, damaging my board, body and ego. It was good to see my friend, though.

What is the best thing about surfing?
Sharing good waves with friends. Also, the unique places it will take you.

Best advice you were ever given with regards to surfing?
Foam is your friend.

Who is your favourite surfer in the world, and why?
John John Florence. His man hacks are on their own level. His poor knees couldn’t even handle them.

Current go-to surfboards? (make and dims)
My quiver consists of tiny twinnies, one 5’4” I shaped, several shortboards 5’10”-6’0” and my prized mini-gun 6’10”. When it’s really good, I’ll default to the Pyzel Ghost Pro 6’0″ x 19″ x 2.38”, thinking it might make me surf a bit more like JJF.